Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

The Raiders

"Blood and Steel"
The Raiders Creed

"Welcome filth" If you think you have what it takes to be apart of the hardest company on the server come join the Raiders!!! Test your skills to see if you are cut out for the most gruesome branch of the Marauder Army. We will dominate the front lines of the war and keep order within the realm. We are a hardcore PVP/PVE company that will establish our dominance in the server by being the all time best. We will strive to do our best in training you to fight in PVP regardless of your desire because a Raider is a warrior before anything else. Running faction missions, raids and defending keeps/forts to serve our efforts will be our way to utilize offensive/defensive tactics and help our PVEers/Crafters out.  Establishing a safe territory to help raid and conquer is vital to our survival!  We also plan on doing a lot of PvE and cannot wait to slay the monsters of New World.  Help us take down the Syndicate and Covenant scum to keep Aeternum free. If you think you have what it takes then don't hesitate! JOIN NOW!!!



JOIN OUR DISCORD: New World Raiders Discord:
PM one of us for invite on Discord - Plate#5266Bobo.80#8331