Dogs Of War

Region: EU | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

   Dogs of War are now recruiting adventures 
                             for NW release!
[Who are we?]
A tight, but open bunch of gamers, currently spread out on several games. We have our very own network of Discord servers with several titles!

Four explorers met a years ago "feels like a lifetime" but was shortly after Black Desert Online released. We found each other after a few failed guild collapses... WE can do better, we can build, and we can maintain good social balance. We ran a guild with much success (i.e. we had fun!) before giving up on the game (due to P2W and many AFK sessions). We created a bond, and have been grouping together since: WF, GW2, D2, BF V, Deep Rock. Our guilds have almost always been run by a management team instead of 1 person. We met and brought in new friends, who have been leading guilds for the community. We try to be member-driven as much as we can. We believe this creates a better synergy and creates a better daily atmosphere where all voices have a say! We still see ourselves as explorers - we just got older and wiser. Now, we have many more "older" friends to help lead and to help build a community we can all be proud of!

[Who do we want to see in our company?]
Friendly and mature people who wanna engage on this adventure together with like-minded gamers. We hope we can turn every stone, chop every tree and together beat up any foe who comes in our way. 

[So why join?]
We got cookies and a company fortress. The thing is, we have 0 cookies, we deffo have no fortress yet!!! We dont even know how or if we can actually achieve neither, but lets find out! We will have laughs together, friendly banters, and you'll have a shoulder to cry on when you fail that "something" for the fifth time.

For more info or inv, PM:

Discord  tags.      -------           [Majeli#7132  Tsath#4939  Nex#1439]```