Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 1-10 | Recruiting: Yes

Oddballs United (ODD) is a North American: MMO/MMORPG, PvP/PvE Adult Guild.

Oddball United Militia is a Marauders Faction Private Military Company! 
Our sole purpose is to acquire wealth through: paid services, conflicts, gathering, crafting, protection & mercenary work.

🐼 ALL PEOPLE WELCOMED! Woman, Man, Any Race, Color or Creed.
🖱️ ALL PLAYSTYLES WELCOMED! PvP, PvE, Gathering & Crafting as our militia is a family that will fight & provide for one another.


🏹Mic & Discord REQUIRED.
⚔️Speak/Type in English
🏹 Maturity & Respect Are #1
⚔️NO Mandatory Content/Schedules
🏹 Be Welcoming & Helpful
⚔️No Toxic Nonsense, Win or Lose
🏹 Join to HAVE FUN!

Our New World Persona is: (Oddball's United Militia) which is a Marauders Faction Private Military Company!
A rag tag bunch seeking wealth through: paid services, conflicts, gathering, crafting, protection & mercenary work for our Marauder Faction. Because of the way New World is currently set up. We will mostly be PVE that dabbles in the PVP for Events or Quests.

We have an establish Discord w/ members playing various games. But my goal is to create a NEW COMPANY/GUILD for New World & start to focus our Discord around NEW WORLD & growing w/ the game over years. The idea behind the group is finding NEW friends & having fun doing content together.

I personally have played in the Alpha as well as the recent Stress Testing for the game & find it to be addicting & brilliant. I want to experience this fun w/ others & am looking for members who can be ACTIVE in Discord & help build this group w/ me.

Being active in a DISCORD IS A MUST IF YOU JOIN US! This is the key to a good group. Being SOCIAL!

We want members who are excited to use our skills. Whether that be crafting, gathering or fighting. We want active dedicated players that want to evolve with this New World. Social players who want to communicate w/ others. We want quality people & gaming friendships over quantity. Who knows where this adventure will lead but let's have fun on the journey.

If you don't want to be another number in the group but actually want to find new friendships. Come grow w/ us.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://discord.gg/HBPFgpD