Region: NA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 1-10 | Recruiting: Yes

Hi my name is Rick aka Mercy.

My goal here is to build one of the best companies in NA, while understanding people have work and life limitations that need to be catered to. 

This brings me to why we will be named WTF. I have a job where i am lucky enough to work from home, but the hours aren't exactly traditional.  I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, but work pretty much all day the other 4 days. 

Its happened to me in a few other games in the past,  where i just don't get to participate in large scale content because I work on the weekends. 

This Company is to test the waters and see how many people are in the same boat as me, with weird days off haha. We would be doing large scale group content on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and that is also when i would schedule sieges to take place. 
I plan on experiencing everything the game has to offer as far as pvp, pve and crafting.

I have led in large scale siege and combat games my whole life, as well as being very competitive in small scale pvp and pve games. 

Time Zone: Eastern

Playing League of Legends in the mean time.

All are welcome!