Nox Aeternus

Region: EU | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

Hello future New World players, We are Nox Aeternus, a European company made up of gaming veterans, we come from varied backgrounds playing both MMOs and shooters. We are currently in starting phase of creating the company, so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and help build something new.

We are not a hardcore company, we are gamers that have a hardcore background, but have gotten older, gotten families, jobs and other things that come first.

What we provide for the clan:
-A guild that firmly believes in teamwork and helping each other learn the game.
-A Discord Server.
-No pressure on how to play the game, the player comes first.
-Organized PvE/PvP events on a weekly/regular basis.
-Officers and GM's willing to help out with advice, information, growing as a player and hands-on killing shit.
-A fun-loving, supportive environment with lots of room for everyone.

What we expect of you:
-We do not care where you come from but you should be able to understand and speak English.
-To be 25+ years.
-To have a working headset and downloaded Discord client, whether you intend to be on Discord the entire day or not is up to you but for group events, PVP and PVE events it is a requirement.
-We don't care if English isn't your first language and you do not wish to speak, but you should at least be able to listen if necessary.
-To respect your fellow clan mates and players
-To not take yourself or others too seriously.
-To be willing to help out other guild members when needed and you're not otherwise tied up.
-To not be a troll or otherwise unpleasant.

If this is of interest to you, feel free to join us on discord for a chat: