Region: EU | Server: Takshasila (EU) | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

EternalCrows are recruiting for new players  to  join our company.
Faction =Marauders
Server=Takshalia on Eu cen
Goal: To dominate our server through PVP and PVE and ECON.


Friendly, Mature, and Not Toxic.

10+ hours per week on average.

Voice Chat
We require voice chat for PVP and PVE. Must have a working mic/headset can be muted tho if required and discord link is below.

Meta & BiS
During guild events, we will expect you to play specific comps and builds listen to officers and consuls and follow orders as a group.

We want players who will take the initiative to join others in-game and in Discord rather than to play solo the bigger we are the better. 


Ark survival evolved= our community has done every boss battle PVE and many PVP wars on many servers.  
Rust=some of us have played Rusticated servers coming top 10 players killed.
New World: ATM we have been involved in many wars to help other companies out and showed that even our low level players can get many kills against level 60s.


Long Term: Become known for being one of 
the strongest PVP/PVE guilds by reputation, respect and settlements owned. 

Short Term: Recruit members, build up core/levels, take 
territory on to get used to the wars and also help other guilds to participate in territory wars.

We love New World despite its many flaws. We want this to be a long-term game for us and are looking for members who are interested in playing it over the next few years and put many 1000s of hours into the game.

We want people who are active, friendly, and interested in PVP and PVE  which will be the primary aspect of the game as we focus on together to build up.  We are currently (60+ strong now) with players from all round the world mainly U.K but some from U.S.A as well as Swedish and aussies  to,  and need people who want to be part of that process with us.

Join the discord and type your in-game name faction type to get a role.  We're going to dominate New World, if you want the same thing then come join us today.

Stream Team