The Black Plague [ NA East Oponskoye]

Region: NAEAST | Server: Vingolf (NA East) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Ahoy, Pirates! The Black Plague,  A community that is Company First Driven. That means we put our own first before ourselves when it comes to achieving our company and faction goals. We look out for our own which means we supply you with all of the gear, materials, and support you need to be the best company member you can be. When you have everything you need to be your best, our company is at our best and thus our faction can be at its best as well. 

We have a motto #spreadtheplague, which means that we’re looking to always grow our positive community first mentality in all games we touch, not just New World. 

We want our community to be a place where our members feel like everyone has their back and enjoys playing with their peers. 

Server: NA East- Oponskoye

Size: 20+

Faction: Syndicate

Gameplay Focus: PVE & PVP, but lean a bit more towards PvP side

Contact:  derkah1988#9190

**About us**

**What we offer**

• A community of driven, fun, & helpful people who go out of their way to include you toward helping all of us succeed in the game

• The potential to make life-long friends in a positive non-toxic atmosphere

  • Access to all company resources & support to ensure you’re getting everything you need to be the best New World player you aspire to be

  • Strong leadership with over 3+ years experience in community building in games like …..

  • Recognition, respect, and pride knowing that the work you put in will NOT GO UNNOTICED. 

  • Memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

**Company Creed**

• Company First Mentality (Community Driven)

• Good Communication Skills

• Maturity

• Say no to Toxicity

• Willingness to learn

• Laid Back

**We are looking for**

• New & Experienced Players who have the right mindset we’re looking for

• People that want to enjoy the game, meet new people, and help their fellow peer

• Active and Dedicated gamers!

• Non-Toxic attitudes (Don’t worry, we like to have fun… But, we’re not doing it at the expense of others.)

• Discord is a must, if you don’t want to communicate with our community then this is not the community for you.

**Hope to see you in our Discord and help us #spreadtheplague 
See you there!**