❀ Hemlock's Company ❀

Region: NA | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

We’re a newly formed group of gamers of various ages, w/ varying degrees of MMO experience. Many of us have played many MMOs for decades, & a few of us have no experience at all. For us, that’s ok: We want to minimize the overwhelming feeling of diving into an MMO for the first time by offering guidance, which makes us exceptionally noob-friendly! We value kindness, maturity, & fun, which is why we adopted the Hemlock flower as our name: we’re just as sweet, and just as deadly.

  • Gamers w/ 10+yrs of hardcore MMO experience 
  • A few folks in Alpha who can show us the ropes once Beta begins 
  • Gameplay that's relaxed, but ambitious. We want to accomplish all the things everyone else wants to accomplish, but we aren’t gonna be ragey jerks about it. 
  • Not casual, but we’re also not planning on treating this like a full time job. 
  • Clear communication for our Company’s plans, & we’re always open to suggestions. 

- We’re just gonna see how it goes in Beta! Many other companies are offering super hardcore structure right out of the gate, but we want to use our time in Beta to get a feel for the game, learn how the structure of a company really works, experiment with builds and crafting specialties. Once beta ends we will have more formal structure.

  • Maturity. No fits, tantrums, inappropriate slurs, etc. 
  • Accountability. You don’t have to log on for hours daily. But if you agree to show up for a siege or PvE event, we expect you to be there. 
  • Ambition. We wanna set goals & accomplish them! We wanna level up our skills, weapons, etc as much as possible! We wanna own territories! While we have a more relaxed atmosphere, we don’t want to just goof around. We expect you to actively put forth effort in getting to max level.