Region: EU | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

We are a tight-bonded PvP focused guild that plays World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning and aiming to jump into New World.

IMPORTANT: At the moment we're awaiting some more reveals for New World, as Amazon is hiding a lot of basic information. We will be playing New World, but the administration of our guild might not found a TSUNAMI on New World at launch.

- Mature, friendly and active player.
- Willingness to support the guild.
- Discord usage (voice when needed).
- Answer Call To Arms (CTA).

What can you expect:
We are a veteran community of MMORPG players. We are mature, handpicked, funny and enjoyable to play with. We are flexible and will always try to have a laugh, however when things require us to be serious, when we're competing with another guild, "focus" is the only trait allowed at that chosen moment.

Our Discord:
As mentioned above in the "IMPORANT" we have currently removed our application section for New World so we don't waste your time. At launch, we'll have a clear idea if TSUNAMI will be officially formed or not. Click here to check our Discord.

Thank you for checking us out.