Order of Diabolical Degenerates (ODD)

Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvE | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

What is ODD and how can I get in on this action and community?

Just a casual guild owned by the streamer, Culpepper. Our playstyle is pretty much all of them and our size will just be dependent on how many people we would like to have join. If you are interested, please feel free to respond to this or message me on Discord: Culpepper#0590. You can also click the link to join the ODD discord! https://discord.gg/D3keNMd It will be new player friendly as we will all be learning the game!

Information about ODD:
  • Server: NA
  • Timezone: Eastern
  • Faction: Marauders
  • Language: English
  • Age Requirement: 16 years+
  • Discord will be used for communication
  • Anyone is welcome and knowledge of the game is not required