║ZENITH║ PvP focused.

Region: NA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

USA, East Coast (we dont know if there will be an east and west server)

Leaning towards Marauders, but we’ll hold a survey before the official game launch to see what most of our members prefer. 

Description/Mission Statement:
Heavily dedicated towards PVP and claiming a settlement. I have lots of experience with clan diplomacy and high level pvp settings. We are just looking for guys who share the dedication.

It will be a comfortable, but competitive environment. We are not your toxic clan who flexes their E-Weiner and who uses large numbers to gain control. We believe in quality over quantity. 

Clan Style:
   -    PvE
   -    PvP
    -  Crafting

We will have a comfortable environment for all kinds of players. It seems like this game will revolve around both PvP and PvE. The more relaxed and laid back gamers will be able to farm resources for the clan through PVE content.

As for PvP, we will try to have a selected top tier PvP team. Most of us come from a competitive background from many different games. Hoping to establish a strong pvp core.


Experience: For the PVE focused players, we hope you have interest and knowledge in the PVE farming situation of most MMO games. 

As for people interested in PVP, we are hoping that you have some kind of promise.

JOIN US  https://discord.gg/6f7Wt72

-Weebs. You will have your own channel. Yall are some weirdos :^]

- meme channel for da boys 

Founders: Ben (Governor) and Bodhi (Consul)