Black Wolf Company

Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Challenge one Wolf, and you challenge the Pack.

Dashing through the wilderness, dodging branches and jumping over bushes, the heart creating its own drum song pounding in my ears. Moments ago we had seen an easy target, a quick and easy kill, just some fool gathering out in the wild. An arrow was sent first, wounding the fool before we engaged them, outnumbered by our group, but during the engagement the fool let out a single howl, who lets out a howl? Before our blades could cut the fool down, some idiot trying to play hero jumped from the wilderness and attacked us. Two versus our five? We can take those odds. But soon two turned to four, and now they turned their defensive tactics to offensive. Once their numbers equaled our own they smirked as they fought, before cutting a few of us down. When I called to retreat there was only two of us left, and their five was joined by another four. Through the drum beats of my heart I can still hear their damn howling from behind us, and to the side of us. What kind of people do this? Then it came, a loud and clear howl from just ahead, it brought us to a stop as we watched someone step out from the wild, soon followed by many more stepping out from all directions surrounding us. The one that seemed to be the leader, stepped forward, giving us an unnerving wolfish grin as they said “Did you forget, Wolves travel in packs.” The leader turns and over their shoulder said “Challenge one Wolf, and you challenge the pack.My last companion tried to make a run for it but was quickly cut down. Before I could speak, I felt tired, feeling my consciousness, no maybe my life being consumed by darkness.

 About Black Wolf Company
Welcome to Black Wolf Company, we are an established organization in the gaming community. We plan on growing by bringing in old friends and new friends, to create a solid, enjoyable community for each other. We hope to laugh, help one another and overall just talk about the game and become a solid gaming force. We wish to choose quality over quantity, so we will be there on the prowl, standing strong together, fighting, and laughing. We also play a number of group based games as well, though we are looking to create a strong branch for New World.

We aren’t looking to turn the group into job nor do we wish to force gaming onto others. We realize that our members have lives, friends, loved ones and jobs outside of the game and are accepting of those who wish to keep the game as just that: a game. However we do encourage that what time spent of the game is toward pushing and helping one another move forward.
B.W.C. Goals and Focus
Our goal is progression and having fun, challenging what the game has to offer and taking it on together as a Company while we carve out a territory and town of our own. Together we will build, and protect our town from other clans, and offer our services to other clans, be it in trades of goods or being mercenaries and helping other clans defend their territory. We not only want to learn and progress, but we also want to help and teach. By helping fellow members in their own progression and answering questions players may have. We seek dedicated Players to do PvP and PvE styles of gaming as our community has a mixture of both. We also plan on streaming, posting up co-op videos and guides on how to take on what threats may be ahead of you. (If interested in streaming or making videos let us know)
B.W.C. Attitude
Loyalty to one another and the community in whole. Even if moving to other games, you will find that we like to see who among the community plans on playing a game so we are playing with people who we already have a connection and know their general playstyle. Though we are loyal, we are playful giving each other a hard time and making jokes, even dark humor, it’s all part of the fun. But like any proper dysfunctional family, once another group or someone outside of BWC attacks us, we come together in unity and defend our people be it PvP or sticking up for one another in general chat. Though we expect some thick skin, we don’t allow harassment amongst our ranks. Loyalty obviously includes tolerating one another, we are a pack, a community, we are here to enjoy games together and hunt together, and stand up for one another.
B.W.C. History
Black Wolf Company was formed by a small group of people that met in Conan Exiles and moved over to The Dauntless, Division 1 and Monster Hunter World. From there we grew but where no bigger than 20 players. Once word of Division 2 came out, the members rallied together on Division 1 and recruited and played together awaiting Division 2. In that time BWC went from 20 members to over 100 members. Since Division 2 there have been dips and changes within the community but we have grown close and loyal to one another and the community, looking to play an assortment of games together from Division 2, Monster Hunter World, Tem Tems, Dark Souls, GTFO, Last Oasis and even tabletop games! 

How to Join
So, if for some reason you are still interested in us. Our process of joining is a bit simpler than others, but there is an interview process. On Discord please contact either Wulf#7802 or C_L_S#0259 and inform them you are interested, they will send you a discord invite. Once in the Discord there will be an interview, where you can ask your questions and we will explain our rules and what to expect, and see how well we all get along.

Region: NA
Faction: Marauders
Activity: Daily
Focus: PvE and PvP
Mic: Required
Language: English
Platform: PC
Requirements: 18+, Twisted sense of humor
Contact: PM us on discord at Wulf#7802 or C_L_S#0259  if you are interested
Thank you for your time, please contact me if you’re interested