Region: NA | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

We are currently at maximum capacity, but are still accepting applications.

Sundown is a newly created, active, and spirited Company filled with members who are eagerly awaiting to crash upon the shores of Aeternum. Come join us as we pick wildflowers, slay timber, and water the vegetation with the blood of our enemies. Interested in joining? Here are the fast facts:

Sundown Fast Facts:                         Sundown Offers:
North American Server                   | Family-friendly dialogue
EST Zone (active 6 PM-Midnight) | Planned Events In & Out of Game
Syndicate Faction                            | Active communication
English Speaking                             | Help-oriented community
Ages 16+                                           | Altruistic leadership
Boosted Discord                              | Sweet website

This community was created with the busy individual in mind. Whether you're a stressed-out student, overworked employee, a parent with a never-ending supply of kid-aggro, or perhaps you're doing life on hard-mode by being all three---we at Sundown understand that you have important obligations that you're juggling and we're not going to place one more requirement on your list of "to-dos" by telling you to dedicate your precious free time to us. When you join us, you join a support network not only for New World but for the real realm too.

We value community and strive to be recognized as family-friendly, as such we discourage demoralizing language and request that our members refrain from excessive use of profanities. This isn't to say that no one ever curses, but it means that our members make a strong effort to steer away from using profanities at every turn. After all, even Disney Princesses and Disney Pirates drop a word here or there in their films. Be a Pirate Princess, don't be The Wolf of Wall Street, ya feel me?

We’re eager to create memories together as a close-knit community and we welcome you to join us. There’s a place for all manner of players at Sundown, from the battle-hardened veteran to the sawdust-covered carpenter and everything in between. Your place is waiting for you, all you need to do is complete a quick application on our website.

If you’re still not fully convinced and you want to learn more, then you can read all about us at

And remember, the fun begins at Sundown.