Region: NA | Server: Arali (NA West) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

Greeting and Company Info

Hello! I'm looking to recruit people for a Company called Exsilium on NA West for the Syndicate faction. We currently don't have a preferred server but at the moment if the server names stay the same we will be on Arali at launch just like in Beta. We are focusing on all of the main aspects of the game PVE, PVP and Crafting/Gathering. My only requirement of you is to speak English, have Discord (you don't have to use voice chat but it's easier to contact everyone) and to play the game daily. If you happen to level slower than most due IRL reasons that's fine as long as you don't ditch us completely!

Who is the Guild Leader?

My name is GenjiArmorXII and I'm a mediocre (Kappa) Twitch streamer (www.twitch.tv/genjiarmorxii). That means I'll be streaming the game every day! You are not required to watch the stream if you don't want to as it's not for everybody. I tend to play a lot of different MMOs, RPGs, and Shooters mostly. My current most played game is Path of Exile. Exsilium's name originated for me from playing Path of Exile as it means a place of exile in Latin. I have used that name in a bunch of random MMOs. I was the initial guildleader of Exsilium for the game Devilian which we were around the top 3 guilds in the game before I left the game (game went huge P2W and I dipped out). I look forward to talking with you in game or on stream!

How to Contact me

If you would like to request to join please contact me either on stream or on Discord