Black Powder Trading Co

Region: NA | Server: Undecided | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

Black Powder Trading Co is Recruiting
Company: <Black Powder Trading Co> (Name Tentative) Realm: TBD by popular vote (NA EST) Faction: Syndicate or Marauder (also by vote) Company Discord:
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Obligatory Shameless Advertisement
Greetings, consumer! We here at the Black Powder Trading Company value nothing so much as the little people, and we’re currently looking to expand our ranks of fools to die in pursuit of our profit intrepid adventurers to join us on the adventure of a lifetime! Now you may have heard some nasty rumors about our record regarding workplace safety, but we assure you that we are industry leaders in safety culture. Also, all of those miners were corrupted when we hired them, promise.
<Fidgets awkwardly for a moment before returning attention to the crowd>
Still here? Excellent.
<Taps fingers together deviously>
Now that we’ve established how you will NOT be sent off to death and dismemberment, let’s discuss why the Black Powder Trading Company is the right place for you.
Corporate Profits… erm I mean Community
Black Powder Trading Co is a place where people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientations and so on can come together and make connections. You can also socialize, participate in activities, and share in the collective excitement and enjoyment of the new release of Amazon’s New World. Wherever you’re from, whatever you believe, you deserve a judgement free, fun, in game experience. This is a core value and one we take very seriously. If this is important to you we want Black Powder Trading Co to be your home.
Unpaid Overtime – Company Events
While New World is.. Well, New enough that it’s difficult to give specifics, we intend to run all levels of group content together, regularly. This includes Expeditions, World PvP and territory wars, world events and bosses, Outpost Rush, and more. We’re going to wait and see whether it makes more practical sense to schedule these out as events or just play it by ear night to night, but one thing is certain: Aeternum has no shortage of content to be pursued with friends, and we have every intention of exploiting that friendship for profit being those friends. Note that our core group is EST and prime time for events will likely reflect that (approx 8PM-12AM EST). We do, however, have members who are night owls, west coasters, even an Australian, so there’ll likely be someone around at all sorts of odd hours.
Qualified Applicants - Who We’re Looking For
We’re big believers that you can teach someone how to play well, but you can’t teach them to be the type of person you want to spend time around. As such, we’re much more interested in who you are than in what role you prefer to play. As such, anyone looking for a sense of community, group play, huge GIF chains in Discord and logging in where folks are genuinely happy to see you can and should apply. Interested applicants should join our Company Discord server (linked in this post) and follow directions to submit a company membership application. (Please don’t be intimidated by the application! We want everyone to have the best launch experience possible, so we want to make sure we’re what you’re looking for so you hopefully don’t end up disappointed!)
Our launch server and faction are currently undecided, and there will be polls to finalize these important decisions, but note that Covenant Zealots need not apply (Sorry church boys, Heretics just throw the best parties!)
Of course we offer dental. Have you seen Victorian era teeth? Disclaimer: We do not really offer dental
If this sounds up your alley stop by our Discord and fill out an application. Additionally if you need more information or have questions please contact our Governor: Jolly, Discord Jolly By Nature#2260 Thank you for your interest!
PS – if you found us because you simply typed awesome into your search bar you totally get extra points.