Region: NA | Server: Undecided | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes




Vitiatus is a North American MMO guild whose origins date back to 1997. We focus on teamwork, coordination, and competence. These values allow us to obtain our goals regardless the odds. Membership to Vitiatus is very selective for that reason. Each member must be self-sufficient while also being able to fit and work seamlessly together. Our objectives are accomplished quickly and efficiently whether it’s attacking an enemy, defending an ally, or acquiring resources.


1. Vitiatus is a guild made from like-minded people who share a common goal.  To ensure we are successful we require our membership to place the guild first. While wearing our tag, your personal actions will have a direct impact on our guild. Be wise with your actions. Additionally, many games we play require teamwork. Achieving the goals of the guild will be a priority over personal need. Remember, if the guild is successful so will be the player.

2. Drama has a zero tolerance policy here.  Problematic members will be removed instantly… without question. We recruit adults and we expect you to act like one.  Disagreements, arguments, and other issues will be handled swiftly by guild leadership.

3. Participation is mandatory.  If you become inactive (without informing leadership) you will be removed. In order to be successful within our current game we must have a dedicated and active member base. There is no room for dead weight.

4. Treat fellow guild members with respect. If there is an issue bring it to leadership.


All potential new members will need to fill out and submit an application here:

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