Mayhem Makers

Region: NA | Server: Undecided | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

                                                                                               Mayhem Makers [Multi-Game Community] [PvE-PvP] [Discord] [Family] [16+]

            Mayhem Makers is a group of friends of have come together to play many games together and have bonded to be like brothers. At the moment we have about 250 people in the discord but we have guested all but 25ish to see who is active. With the game New World coming out we have decided we want to respark our community and get it running again. We are not a super sweaty group but we do get competitive. We have PvP backrounds in many different games as well as clanning in general. Our goal is not to run a super strict like clanning system but more of a chill relaxed environment for people who just want to play. That being said we will Contest towns and forts if we can. We can take it serious but we will also have fun and chill along our journey within New World. We do also play many other games as well so if you get burned out there is that option as well, but our main focus will be New World.

   What we are looking for:
- We are looking for some more Counselors and Officers (people willing to grind the game and help put when needed)
 -Active and relevant server presence
-Establishing ourselves as a known force of power in PvP
-Development of both our guild and our members
-Active improvement and recruitment of the in game guild
 -Territory control and development

     Key Features:
-Established leadership with experience across multiple MMOs and Multiplayer games
-A welcoming environment
 -An active guild with variety of play styles
-We play to win, but never forget we're playing for fun
- We are looking to play syndicate but willing to change.

       Find out more by Joining our Discord:
You can also contact: C h r i s#0600 (capitol C with spaces between each letter)