Region: EU | Server: Fae (EU) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

NrG is a PvX guild with a main focus on PvP (small & large) at endgame.
What to expect from NrG:
-players can play at their own pace
-group PvE dungeons / grinding
-group open world pvp + wars
-guild trading + provided items for a cheaper price
-guild dueling + future training for large scale combat
-theorycrafting builds
-guild guides
What we expect:
-no drama
-able to join Discord voice channels for group content
-attends trainings if you will be joining large scale combat
If you have any more questions, feel free to DM me on discord: Vince#2740
If you're interested in our guild/ company, feel free to join our discord!