The Huntsmen

Region: NA | Faction: Covenant | Language: English | Focus: RP | Size: 1-10 | Recruiting: Yes

The Huntsmen:

An organization within the Covenant to purge the heretic, the abominations that infest the world. Acting as judge, jury, and executioner, the Huntsmen mete out justice and retribution to the foul worshippers of Corruption and its allies.

Their secondary mandate is to find and secure relics, both holy and impure - believing these artifacts too dangerous to be placed in the hands of mortal men. Though one may find any varying degrees of faith within this order, all believe in its righteous cause, and that all heretics must wither and burn in holy fire.


Greetings! We're a small group of adult RPers looking to make our way into the New World! We're excited to start a new journey and are looking for a few other like-minded adults (18+) who would like to join!

As a heavy RP Company, we'd prefer to take in experienced and mature RPers, though novice RPers are welcome to apply - I must warn you that one must put in genuine effort to be considered.

We're laid back, older folk with good senses of humor.


Think of us as...sort of casual-core? We intend to take part in all aspects of the game, some of us have more time than others and intend to dedicate tons of time into not only RP, but all aspects of the game (Though of course, RP is our primary focus.). We love PVP, Crafting, PVE, etc.

We expect people to be reasonably active - and would like others who also intend to at least try to partake in group activities (We're not gonna blast anyone for not being good enough, or harp on anyone for not being elite, it's a game, we're here to have fun!).

Active Times:

So far, we're all from NA, and will most likely be primarily active in the afternoon-late at night, though I personally will be on a lot also during the day! The goal is to have people on at all times, right? Haha.


I've never been a fan of overly large guilds, and have always preferred to have a smaller, close-knit team of friends. Since the game isn't even out yet, and lore is sparse - we're waiting to sort of fill out the fluff and build our characters, but in the future - an IC reason and RP encounter will be necessary to join.

We'd like to play with everyone together during closed beta, but if one is unable to obtain a pre-order or access code, it's fine to join in on the fun during launch.

For now, please join us on our Discord: