Rogue Raiders

Region: NAEAST | Server: Undecided | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Rogue Raiders:

Welcome to the Rogue Raiders, we are a community that thrives on backing each other up in battle! We open our door to anyone with a mic and a sword ready for war.  We wish to jump into the game at full speed doing everything from PvP, PvE, gathering resources as a squad, crafting awesome weapons and armor, exploring the map and making our way through treacherous dungeons together and so much more!

We are not tied down with a specific server at the moment. We want to gather more followers and make the decision as a collective whole. Our discord Channel is used to figure out what will work best for everyone.  Currently we are small but have high hopes for the future.

We need your sword! 

Aeternum will test our bonds and we can only rule the isle with your help! If you want valuable soldiers that are on your left and right then look no further! Being a Marauder means you will be the underdog, however to us that just means more battles to test our metal!


What our army can provide:

We are a group of like minded gamers that wish to rule every game we log on to. We work together to provide a welcoming community for us and a banner to be scared of in battle! We are a dedicated bunch that wants to see others turn tail and run at the sight of our presence.

If you want a good company and discord that gives advice/helpful tips to become the best then look no further. 

What are you waiting for? Join us today!


What makes a Rogue Raider?

  • Dedicated
  • Never gives up for the win!
  • Respects those appointed over you
  • Contributes in dungeons and expeditions/offensive and defensive PvP battles
  • English speaking
  • And the ability to use a Discord


Simple rules:

  • Follow rules the Discord and New World has put in place
  • We Speak English so please no crazy Latin. Don't want to spawn the devil again
  • Golden Rule
  • Show your anger on the battlefield not internal
  • Be a part of the family
  • Have a good time but don't put others down
  • Follow orders from people appointed over you


Join us!

To recap if you want to be the ones on top or go down in a blaze of glory then jump into the action with Rogue Raiders and put your might to the test! Please stop by our discord and see what everything is all about:

Stream Team