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Wealth Transfers being re-enabled after Tuesday evening downtime

By the time you read this, New World will likely be in or through a 3-hour downtime to apply fixes to item duplication issues that forced all player wealth and item transfers to be temporarily halted.

In a post on the New World forums Luxendra, Community Manager at Amazon Games noted that Amazon Games understands these features are critical to the player's general quality of life in New World and have prioritized fixing the issues that have caused so much consternation within the New World community.
Alongside all the inconvenience caused by disabling core features like the Trading Post, many knock-on effects started to affect player upgraded services within settlements as territory holding companies could not pay taxes to keep upgrades or push new upgrades to drive activity in their locales. That's not to mention the damage that rampant abuses of the bugs that forced Amazon Games' hands have already caused, Amazon Games have started to enact moderation on individuals who have brazenly abused the duplication bugs that are to be hopefully resolved in this latest patch,  

Downtime, as mentioned earlier is expected to last 3 hours, however, it's worth mentioning sometimes these things can vary depending on any unexpected issues encountered in the deployment of the fixes.

This downtime and patch is not inclusive of other fixes scheduled to come this week, and we're expecting to hear about those later this week.
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