New World Void Gauntlet Patch Note Changelog

Below is a running list of changes for each patch for the Void Gauntlet in New World. The most recent patch is listed first and then in descending order by date.

Winter Convergence Patch - December 16, 2021
  • Putrefying Scream Perk:
    • Reduced the max percentage it could scale up to from 50% to 30%.
  • Voidcaller:
    • Fixed an issue where Voidcaller passive could trigger with regular basic attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where the Voidcaller cooldown would reset when swapping weapons.
  • Glimpse of the Void: Fixed an issue where the Glimpse of the Void cooldown would reset when swapping weapons.
  • Orb of Decay:
    • Detonating Orb: Fixed an issue where Detonating Orb could trigger backstabs.

Into the Void Patch - November 18th, 2021
  • Added the Void Gauntlet
  • The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close-range and revolves around Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void energy.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged healing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual phase projectile that can debuff enemies and heal allies.

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