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Wealth and item transfers to come back online

Amazon Games has scheduled a 3 hour downtime today to address the Trophy duping bug that surfaced last weekend and caused a halt to wealth and item transfers in New World.
Downtime is expected to start around 2 PM Pacific Time [5 PM East Coast Time / 11 PM Central European Time].

Luxendra, Community Manager at Amazon Games informed posted that all wealth and item transfers will be reactivated with the exception of housing items, those being especially marked as non-tradeable temporarily. Whether this will be done as a bind on pickup flagging or using a new system is unclear.
Also noted are players that have become 'immobilised' will be able to respawn properly after the downtime has concluded.
Lastly Companies who have suffered downgrades due to the wealth transfers being disabled will be compensated in the upcoming November patch, the manner however was not disclosed.

Of particular note though, earlier on Monday, Amazon Games released a detailed DevBlog concerning their work in tackling Duplication Issues and reiterated their stance and categorization  of exploitative behavior. 

As of the 15th of November according to AGS, 98% of duplicated items and wealth has been removed from the various instances of New World, with the 2% consisting of players who had 'stumbled' into the duplication bug but had not reproduced those steps in any manner or volume Amazon deemed exploitative. Over 1600 player accounts have been permanently banned for abusing various duplication bugs so far.

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