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Lore Spotlight - The REAL Ancients of New World?

The skeletons roaming the land of Aeternum are said to be Ancient Guardians, but are these Ancient Guardians actually Ancients? The lore pages titled The Vega Bridge & Covenant’s Quest shed some light on this very topic. The Ancient Guardians are said to be heretics and traitors of their own humanity in revering beings like the Ancients and are now eternally stuck in a skeleton form cursed to forever guard the Ancient Ruins.

So, this begs the question who are the Ancients if they aren't the Ancient Guardians? The lore pages also state that the statues around ruins like Arcturus and others of its magnitude indicate the Ancients had four arms and a split face, of which these skeletons that guard the ruins have neither.

You can read the full Vega Bridge and Covenant's Quest full text in our Lore Pages Database, and can use the coordinates on each page to navigate to our New World Map of Aeternum to see the locations of the Lore Pages and other Points of Interest. 

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