Soulsprouts: The Most Valuable Resource in New World?

While adventuring in Aeternum, you can interact with almost every plant you come across.  One you'll want make sure you stop for is the Soulsprout!  Soulsprouts are one of, if not the most, valuable and fruitful plants in New World. In this Article we're going to talk about the where to find soul sprouts, and the valuable things you'll get from harvesting these Alchemy plants.

A Soulsprout is an Alchemy Plant that can be found in the Edengrove and Everfall zones.  You must have a harvesting skill of level 30 or greater to harvest a Soulsprout.  Soulsprouts yields two, very important, types of crafting material when harvested. These two items are Ectoplasm, an item used in armor crafting and a frequently used material in arcana crafting, Soul wisps.  The chance to get these two items are what makes soul sprouts one of the most valuable resources in New World.  First let's talk about where to find them.

Edengrove is a high level zone filled with Angry Earth mobs.  A lot of the mobs have ranged attacks that will interrupt you gathering.  Given the increased difficulty level that comes with farming in Edengrove, I would recommend Everfall.  Especially if your main purpose is to farm Soulsprout.   On the other hand, if you are higher level and want to gain a little bit more XP per kill while farming, maybe Edengrove is the location for you!   On the map below, you'll find the location of all the soulsprout in Edengrove

As mentioned above, the best place to farm Soulsprouts is in Everfall.  Not only are Everfall's enemies lower level and easier to kill, but it's home to one of New Worlds best grind spots!  The Ancient temple in southwest Everfall is one the best AOE grind spots in New World.  Couple that with the amount of Soulsprout spawns surrounding the Ancient temple and you have a hot spot for progression.   Below are all of the locations of Soul Sprouts in Everfall.

The best place to farm soulsprout in Everfall is located on an island in the center of the zone.  This is by far the highest density of soulsprouts in any location in aeternum.  Here is a detailed map of the spawn points of Soulsprout on the island.

Now that you know where to find soulsprouts, lets dive in to a more in depth look at the items you'll gain while farming them.

Soul Wisps, Soul Essence, and Soul Quintessence
The Soul Wisp and its variations are used to make potions and tinctures at an Arcana Crafting table.  More specifically these are one of the primary ingredients in both mana tinctures and Focus potions, which are very important to help magic users maximize their sustain!  These items should be very easy to sell  individually or can be used to make potions for yourself(or to sell to someone else!). Here are the different variations of Soul wisps!  If you click on the item, you can see which potions each item are used in.

  • Soul Wisp (T3) - used in many different potions, coatings, and tinctures from low to high level!  The most common and versatile version of this itme
  • Soul Essence (T4) - Used for mid-tier mana tinctures as well as mid and end game Focus Potions.
  •  Soul Quintessence (T5) - used in End game Mana Tincture's, Strong Focus Potions, and also Void Defense Potions.  

Ectoplasm and the Light Weight Trait
There are two ways to obtain Ectoplasm in New World. The most common way to obtain ectoplasm in New World is by farming soulsprouts, though you can also get them from a rare drop change when killing Ghouls. Ectoplasm is used in armor crafting to add a different version of light weight Trait.   Ectoplasm comes in three tiers, each applying a different version of the trait.  Here are the different forms of Ectoplasm available: Drop of Ectoplasm(T1), Vial of Ectoplasm(T2), and Draught of Ectoplasm (T3).    

The Light weight trait is arguably one of the most powerful traits you can apply to your crafted gear in the current version of New World, especially to a piece of heavy chest armor.  Light weight allows your character to increase your physical resistance while still maintain a high level of mobility.  This is important because, currently, Physical damage is the most common damage type in the game by players and NPC enemies.  The Light weight trait can also help you keep your equip weight in the light category allowing your character to still be able to dodge roll despite having on heavier equipment.  Just like every Armor Trait there are three different tiers of Light Weight.  Here are the different tiers of Light weight and how much they can reduce the equip weight of your armor.

  • Light weight I - gained from Drop of Ectoplasm, reduces the weight of your armor piece by 10%
  • Light weight II - gained from Vial of Ectoplasm, reduces the weight of your armor piece by 20%
  • Light weight III gained from Draught of Ectoplasm, reduces the Equip Weight of Your Armor piece by 30% 

As you can see the Soulsprout is definitely a vital and versatile plant.  They will play a large part in both End game Armor Crafting and Arcana Crafting making the Soul Sprout one of the most Valuable Resources in New World!

-- redbyrd