Territory Standing in New World

Once you have gained enough standing experience you will level up your standing within that zone, and will be rewarded with a point to spend which will grant you a permanent buff while in that particular zone. 

Each territory in Aeternum has an independent standing meter. This means that you can only spend your point that was rewarded in the territory that you gained standing in. For example, if you do many quests in Everfall you will be receiving standing for the Everfall territory, and when you receive enough standing you will be able to spend that point and receive a buff ONLY IN EVERFALL. Once you leave Everfall you will no longer receive the benefits you have earned in that zone, and will then stop gaining “territory experience” for Everall and will begin gaining territory experience for whatever you zone you are now in, as well as be getting any of the previous buffs you have earned in that particular territory.

There isn't any reason at this time to save up your standing points in one particular zone. You should spend them as they are earned so you can reap the benefits of increasing your standing in that territory.

Benefits of Gaining Standing

Every time you reach a new territory rank for a particular territory you receive 1 Standing point which can be spent on purchasing different bonuses or buffs that will be active each time you are in that territory. These are permanent buffs as long as your in the borders of that zone. 

The bonuses include things such as:

  • Percentage increase in standing experience
  • Lowering trading taxes
  • Increased gathering speed
  • House ownership (You must reach a certain standing within a territory prior to being able to purchase a home)
  • Percentage increased to character experience
  • Faster gathering speed
  • And more

How To Spend Territory Points

If you have unspent points open the map by pressing the default key of "M."  View the left side of the screen and click on the Territory Standings Icon. If you have any unspent points for a particular territory there will be a highlighted number on that territory name. The number indicates how many unspent points you have within that territory.

You can also view your Standing level within each Territory by visiting this screen.

As soon as you select the bonus it will become active. Keep in mind that as of the preview event you can’t redistribute the points, later on, so make wise choices.