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Tempest’s Heart Stream

Hello Adventurers!
On March 9th starting at 10AM PST (6PM UTC) New World's World Experience Lead Mike Willette will venture into the new expedition, Tempest's Heart, with 4 content creators; Shroud, Rich Campbell, Asmongold, and DannehTV. The party will attempt to vanquish Isabella as a team. As viewers, we will have the chance to earn a new exclusive Twitch Drop "The Indigo Flame" (Seen below). The twitch drop removes any headwear you may have and give your eyes a bright purple glow...

The Twitch Drop is exclusive to the streamer listed above until March 13, in which it will then be opened up to everyone else that is streaming New World. As a Studio Loot member, I strongly suggest watching DannehTV as he is also a fellow Studio Loot member! The Twitch Drops will stay until March 22nd at 8AM PST (4PM UTC) in which it will be disabled and players will no longer be able to obtain The Indigo Flame. You will need to watch for a total of 2 hours to earn the drop. 

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