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Tanking & Healing in New World

Along with the recent Reekwater update, the New World team also released more information about tanking and healing in New World. While in Aeternum your character will now be able to generate threat in multiple ways in order to pull aggro. Healing abilities in the game are now target abilities vs simply casting them on the ground and trying to hit your targets. 

The changes made to introduce the threat system (tanking) are as follows:

  • Introduced a new threat system where a single threat value is calculated per player. Higher threat greatly increases the chance to be selected as the enemy's target.
  • Created logic for how threat is calculated. Currently damage and threat perks are the main determined, but expect specific attacks to add / remove threat in the future.
  • 16 new perks added to the game, 7 of which will be tied to threat generation.
  • Healing and blocking now generate threat.
  • The Sword Mastery tree has been updated to make two abilities generate threat. (Players can expect updates to other mastery trees later.)

The changes made to healing are as follows:

  • When Healing Pulse or Divine Embrace are activated, the friendly player closest to the caster’s reticle will be locked on. Pressing Left Mouse Button will cast the heal ability on the target. Target lock will disable after cast is complete.
  • Target lock can be switched to other friendly players using Mouse Wheel Up and Down or by moving the mouse in the direction of the next friendly player.
  • Target lock can be switched to manual targeting by pressing Middle Mouse Button/Wheel. Lock can also canceled by canceling Heal ability.
  • Users can also self-cast healing spells by holding CTRL and pressing the ability key.

Note: In a future build the New World team will further refine targeted healing and modify the HUD to easily identify healing targets in and out of groups.

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