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Special Title From Wednesday PTR Event

Greetings Adventurers,
If you have been paying close attention to the posts from Amazon Games, you might of caught on to what they are doing on the PTR. Recently they made a post on the forums about the upcoming PTR and at the end of the post made mention of the event. 
The quote:
 If you’ve scrolled down this far, congratulations! You’re the first to hear that we are hosting an event within this PTR. On [Wednesday 5PM PT], members of the Development Team will be throwing Windsward into conflict in preparation for war. Come and join us!
- Community Manager TrevzorFTW

The following day, Luxendra posted on the forums that players earn a Special Title for taking part of the war. Now, as some of you are aware, the mechanics of the game requires you to toss the territory into conflict and then you can declare war. Afterwards, the war will take part on a different day. So, with that in mind I had to ask the question of "When is the War?"

Luxendra was kind enough to reply with the following information:
The devs have special tools to make wars happen on the PTR. The war will happen tomorrow at 5:00pm PT. It’s also 50v50. I guess this is incentive for players who are available to hop in and help test.

So, if you can make it on the PTR by Wednesday 5PM PT for the 50v50 War, come join us! I know I will be there and I hope you can too. 
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