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Server Transfers and Server Merging

Amazon recently announced that two EU servers will be merge for the first time since disabling the feature.
 We will be merging Ramaja into Avalon in Vanaheim Psi - Central EU (DE/EN) on  February 8, 2022 8:00 AM PST

With patch 1.3.1 there was a small note that stated:
Housing system has had an overhaul on how data is being stored. This is to prevent issues with players losing their houses or items therein.

At this time we believe Amazon Games to be testing this merge to see if their patch 1.3.1 fix works or not. If everything goes smoothly after this merge its completely possible that we will be getting back Server Transfers and finally some Server Merging for those lower population servers that still need it. There hasn't been anything official as to when these services will be back in full swing, but this is likely the tip of the iceberg for it! 
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