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Rabbit's Revenge Event 2022

Greetings Adventurers,
Spring is here and the latest New World event comes with it. Announced today on New World's website and twitter; Rabbit's Revenge. Starting April 12th and ending April 25th, there will be a plague of rabbits in Aeternum. During this two week period these corrupted rabbits will be dropping special loot from Diamond Gypsums (up to 3) and Luck-increasing consumables (up to 5). 

The exact hours for the event were not part of the announcement, so we are unaware of the exact time this event starts. We're currently assuming it will be by your server time midnight. So, be ready to start killing rabbits when you see them! 

Lore Clip from the website:
A chill ran down the adventurer’s spine when he saw the two glowing red eyes. Emerging from the brush, a corrupted rabbit moved into the open meadow where the Adventurer stood rooted. Pale moonlight illuminated its warped figure. The spring air in Aeternum was still crisp, and his now rapidly puffing breath left little clouds floating up toward the moon. Despite the slight chill in the air his fingers slipped across the leather binding, sweat loosening his grip on the sword. He gathered his breath and shouted. “Go back to your corrupted warren, foul beast!” Undaunted, the rabbit leapt. Scarlet droplets sprinkled the grass and an eerie silence settled over the glade.
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