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PvP Dev Blog Coming Soon

If you are not constantly refreshing the dev tracker or are glued to one of the various Discord servers (or all of them?), you may have missed some updates that the New World team posted on Twitter today.

The first piece of news that everyone's been waiting for is that the next dev diary is coming by the end of this or the beginning of next week. It will answer some of the questions that fans have been asking since the previous news came out.

We are absolutely working on some info bombs for you right now. We want to make sure that by April (Closed Beta) players will have a very firm grasp on the core features of the game. We're currently drafting up our first dev blog now and it's all about PvP and how PvE relates too [source]

Depending on how the week shakes out, end of this week or early next week is what we're aiming for. Want to make sure it answers as many of the players questions first. [source]

We may also be seeing a separate dev blog detailing the new PvP and PvP gameplay, which might be coming out even before the dev diary.

We've got some good content planned for this month. The first thing you can expect will be a dev blog detailing the changes to PvP. We'll make sure people know all about the core features before April (Closed Beta) [source]

There is even a statement on future testing phases, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like we'll be getting another test very soon.

Not just yet. When we have info on future testing outside of Closed Beta we'll be sure everyone hears about it. [source]
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