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PTR February Patch 1

February 2nd the PTR servers were updated with the first February patch for future content of New World. Below is a list of some of the notable changes that are part of the patch notes. Make sure to check them out yourself as well for an in depth look at them.

  • Taxodius can only be killed once now
  • Unable to join an ongoing expedition if you attempt to join the wrong one

  • You can no longer Camp Stack (Build on top of each other)
  • Sha Makogai and Sunken Aspects nerfed for solo game play
  • Fixed the interaction of large Orichalcum Veins
  • Fixed a wide verity of collision issues around the world  

General AI
  • New Player-vs-AI collider that will help against pushback from colliding players (Currently only against 2 legged monsters)
  • Updated Monster AI so that they are not looking as often to where the players used to be
  • Reduced pushback on blocks to 0 on most attacks
  • Fixed some AI creature specific things for Corrupted Ogres, Dryad Soldiers, Elemental Bears, Swamp Dryad Soldiers, Swamp Dryad Beast, Undead Navigator, Siren Arena Boss, and Big Cats

Expedition AI
  • Garden of Genesis:
    • Blighted Greenskeeper now has a larger head for hitbox purposes
    • Genesis Shaman's Mist Attack is now synced properly between the visual and the damage
    • Angry Earth Naga improved visibility on attacks
  • Lazarus Instrumentality Chardis Changes:
    • Stun Phase is now 5 seconds
    • Phase 3 will start after 90 seconds rather than the 75s it once was
    • Reduced the downtime of lasers in Phases 1/2 from 60s to 30s
    • Increased damage in all aspects of attacks
    • Final Laser has changed to do 15% of health damage per second
    • Has a bigger head for hitbox purposes
    • Is now weak/strong against attack types and can be affected by weapon coatings 

  • Reduced Desiccated timer from 60s to 45s

Combat General
  • Weapon Swapping
    • Can now swap during hit-reactions, dodges, traversal, and using consumables (except weapon coatings). Doing so will apply a 1 second CD between swapping your weapons again
    • Swapping buffer will no longer be canceled if you are staggered before the swap
    • Weapon Swaps and Attacks can be queued simultaneously
  • Blocking & Dodging
    • Shorter recovery time after a dodge
    • Basic attack startups can now be canceled with block or dodge
    • Block and dodge inputs will take priority over weapon combos while attacking
  • Jumping at lower heights will no longer trigger the full landing animation
  • 300 Focus Bonus will now trigger when the caster drops to 15 mana or less
  • Equipment loads will now show how much stamina is used while dodging

There are a lot of weapon changes and fixes this patch, so we will be just listing the abilities that have been affected with this patch. Its strongly recommended that you to look over the patch notes to see exactly what has changed, but do remember none of this is final and may change again before going to live servers. 
  • Rain of Arrows: Various bug fixes
  • Evade Shot: Various bug fixes
  • Hip-firing and sight shooting normalized
Fire Staff
  • Fireball: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Reheat: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Pillar of Fire: Ability changes
  • Flamethrower: Bug fixes and ability changes
  • Let it Burn: Bug fixes
  • Fixed visual issues with the weapon
Great Axe
  • Ability Points will be refunded due to moving location of passives in the trees
  • Gravity Well: Ability changes
  • Maelstrom: Bug Fixes
  • Enduring Strike: Ability changes
  • Accumulated Power and On Fire bug fixes
Ice Gauntlet
  • Ice Spikes: Nerfed
  • Ice Storm: Bug Fix
  • Ice Shower: Bug Fixes
  • Ice Pylon: Buffed
Life Staff
  • Speed of Light: Bug Fixes and ability change
  • Sticky Bomb: Bug fixes and nerf
  • Shooter's Stance: Bug fixes
  • Stopping Power: Completely changed
  • Powder Burn & Power Shot: Bug fixes and interaction change
  • Hustle: Bug fix
  • Flurry: Text change
  • Evade: Bug fix
  • Sweep: Bug fix
  • Javelin: Bug fix
Sword and Shield
  • Shield Rush: Slight ability change
  • Reverse Stab: Slight ability change
  • Leaping Strike: Slight ability change
Void Gauntlet
  • Mending Evasion: Bug fix
War Hammer
  • Armor Breaker: Bug fix
  • Hardened Steel: Slight ability change

Others / Misc Changes & Notable Fixes
  • Over 10+ Perk bug fixes
  • Over 10+ OPR bug fixes
  • Re-worked the scoring system for OPR
  • Fixed various map markers for quests
  • Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing require 10% less XP
  • Schematics rarity is now equal to the crafted item's rarity
  • New fishing bot measures
  • Yellow Topaz no longer has a minimum drop time
  • Black Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 10m to 5m
  • Purple Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 120s to 30s
  • Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes
  • Trade Channel added
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