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PTR February Patch 3 Now Live!

Whether or not you play on the PTR, these changes will help everyone see the changes to come for Live servers. Amazon Games has pushed patch 3 for the February PTR and some of these changes mean great things for the community. Lets take a look at what's changing:

Noteworthy Changes
  • Fishing will take 38% less experience to level
  • Cooking Aptitude will take 30% more experience to level
  • Mutation Orbs take 5 less Powerful Gem Dust to craft
  • Mutation Orbs can be purchased every 3 days, previously 7 days
  • Gypsum Orbs come from level 60 Reekwater and Shattered Mountains quests
  • 50% Experience reward increase for quests level 10-50
  • Outpost Rush will now reward Umbral Shards; 100 to winners and 50 to losers (Only if you quality to start earning Umbral Shards)
  • Performing a melee attack will no longer delay you from sprinting
  • Reduced the sliding momentum that would occur after dodging or making sudden movement changes

These changes will really help players catch up on gear score if they are behind or are a returning player. It is our hope that Amazon Games continues this trend to support the players who plan to come back and play with us.

Here is the link to the patch notes so you can check them in depth.  
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