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Heart of Madness Patch 1.4 Comes to New World

Greetings Adventurers,
Amazon Games is preparing to push March's content patch for, March 30th at 2PM PDT. During which the servers will be offline for about 2 hours while they apply this month's major content patch Heart of Madness. As part of this patch, we are getting a new Expedition, Weapon, and more content for New World.
Below are some major notables that we want to share with the New World community:

Heart of Madness Additions

Here is a list of new content that will be added with the Heart of Madness patch:
  • Expedition: Tempest's Heart - Recommended Level 50 with 550+ Gear Score
  • Weapon: Blunderbuss - Strength / Intelligence weapon for close to mid-range combat
  • Named Monsters: Rafflebones & Stinky  
  • World Paintings: Vista paintings for your house (2 per territory)
  • Roadside Encounters: Weaver's Fen and Restless Shores random events
  • Unlimited Ammo: Tier 1 Ammo will be unlimited for all ranged weapons
  • New Player Experience: Starting beach will now offer players a choice of 4 weapons to pick from
  • Faction Missions: Focused on Corruption Breaches
  • Gypsum Quests: Added in Shattered Mountain, Reekwater, and Ebonscale Reach
  • Inventory While Moving
  • "In-Combat" System: New system to determine when a player is in combat and how you can change gear/weapons
  • Out of Combat Healing: Increased passive regeneration while out of combat
  • Tier 4 Housing: Newly built in Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach
  • MSQ Solo Quests: No longer need to clear Expeditions to complete MSQ
  • Earthly Rewards: Mining, Logging, and Harvesting can now award stashes and Diamond Gypsum
  • Arena Keys: Can now drop from enemies surrounding Elite Zones

Heart of Madness Changes/Fixes

Here is a list of changes and/or fixes for current content that comes with the Heart of Madness patch:
  • Unbound Island rebalanced in Cutlass Keys
  • Andrometus rebalanced in Weaver's Fen
  • Daily Resets: Will no occur at 5AM Server time
  • Doubled Storage: All chests will will have a double effect (If it was 200, it is now 400 weight)
  • Durability Changes: You will only take damage for equipped items, inventory will no longer get damaged
  • Territory Storage: Now global; faction doesn't matter, it's all connected
  • Expedition Queuing: Only requires 1 person at entrance to queue now (Was 3) 
  • War/Invasion/OPR Queuing: No longer required to be in town to queue, can use your map to queue
  • Increased Rewards: Wars, Invasions, Arenas, and Outpost Rush will reward even more than before
  • Faction Advancement Quests: You will be auto-awarded faction quests when switching
  • Combat Changes: With the new system, you are less likely to steal aggro from the people who first obtained it
  • Modified AI: Due to new Combat System, monster AI has been updated to reflect these changes
  • Simon Grey: Finally has his own boss model (Go and say hello to him!)
  • Mutation Tuning: Named AI difficulty decreased, but bosses difficulty increased
  • Ammo Adjustments: With the addition of unlimited projectiles, ammo damage values have been changed
  • Max Ammo Increased: Ammo stacks will now be 1000, from the 500 they used to be
  • Weapon Changes: Every weapon had some kind of fix or update to them
  • Perk Buffs: The Warding Perks and some DoT Perks were buffed
  • Abandoning House: Will now reward 50% of the original purchase back

Once again the list above are just some of the most notable changes that caught our eye. If you haven't already yet, please check out the full patch notes and to see if anything else may be of interest you.

Additionally, based upon the Developer Video from this month, we will be getting a double experience weekend. We will provide more information about this once we learn more details. However, it has been stated to cover character experience and weapon experience at this time. (Sorry Trade Skills)

Happy adventures in Aeternum! 

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