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Patch 1.3 - Expedition Mutations, Umbral Shards, and More!

All of the New World servers will be going offline at 4am PST / 7am EST for about 3 hours for the next major content update 1.3. Amazon is calling this update "Mutators". For a complete breakdown of the patch notes you can check them on their website; but for a condensed breakdown of the important parts you can look below! 

Mutations are a new end-game feature that temporarily changes an end game expedition. Once a week an expedition (Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, or Lazarus Instrumentality) will mutate and provide players with new a challenge by changing the normal and named enemies.  Each expedition will have 10 tiers of difficulty that players can climb to increase the amount of rewards at the end of a run. 
  • Must clear the normal run before you can unlock mutation 1 (M1 as the community calls it)
  • Additional mutations unlock after completing the one under it (M2 will unlock M3, so on and so forth)
  • There is a Recommended Gear Score for each Mutation Level
  • Mutation Runs are scored based on your performance
  • Performance is: Time, AI Kills, Takedowns (Named Enemy kills), Team Wipes, and Respawns
  • Bonus Multipliers for the run efficiency which is shown by your rank at the end of a run; Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Will award end game currency; Umbral Shards (More info below)
  • Mutation Orbs are universal; can be used with any mutation dungeon
  • Can only craft 1 mutation orb a week from stonecutting
  • Can only buy 1 mutation orb from the faction shop once a week
  • Can view the mutations on the map and the expedition menu (before you enter) to see the mutations 
  • Lower rank mutations will have less mutations over higher rank mutations  
  • 3 Mutation Categories;
  • Elemental: Elemetal Mutations infuses enemies with a specific elemental damage type increasing their resistance to that element, converting a large portion of their damage to that type, and giving them powerful abilities related to the elemental type
    • Hellfire: Infuses the enemies with fire; players can be burned
    • Eternal: Infuses enemies with void; players can be debuffed while the enemies buffed 
  • Promotions: This mutation grants enemies with additional new powerful abilities
    • Savage: Applies healing reduction and magical beams around themselves
    • Indomitable: Provides enemies with life stealing and the ability, Phalanx, to block all incoming projectiles
  • Curses: Apply dangerous effects to players (Look at your debuffs), which can be Empowered at higher difficulties making them even harder
    • Desiccated:  Occasionally combust with elemental energy; when Empowered the player will need to cleanse themselves by being close to another player that is combusting
    • Censored: The group has a certain number of activated abilities before an explosive zone appears under all players. These zones will silence players. While Empowered players will lose their normal mana regeneration and must enter one of the silence zones to regenerate mana
Umbral Upgrading, Umbral Shards, & Expertise
The umbral upgrading system increases the expertise level to 625 further making your gear better. Unlike the highwater and gypsum system, the Umbral Shards will enable you to upgrade items you already own making them even more powerful than before!
  • Can upgrade GS 590+ items to GS 625 with Umbral Shards (Requires you to reach Expertise 600 for that slot first)
  • Umbral Shards come from three different sources; Mutators, GS 600+ *Gypsum Casts, and GS 600 *Crafting
  • *Gypsum Casts and Crafting will only award Umbral Shards if your Expertise is 600 in that slot
  • Upgrading any item with an Umbral Shard will bind the item to the player
  • Any items traded/bought above your expertise that you equip will change the item's Gear Score to the midpoint of your expertise and the item's gear score
  • Crafting a GS 600 item will trigger an Expertise increase for the item's slot
  • Topaz Gypsum increased drop rates
  • Topaz Gypsum potion now craftable at an Arcana station
  • Gyspsum Orbs no longer have a CD (Casts remain the same)

Expedition Changes
  • Updated Rewards and Drop Rates
  • Tier 5 Gear will drop for Dynasty Shipyard Mutators (Over the normal Tier 4 gear)
  • Tuning Orbs can now be bought from the faction vendor
  • Genesis and Lazarus Orbs can only be bought once a week; all others once a day
  • Tuning Orb materials that were once bound to players are now tradable
  • Reduced the prices on all the Chisels from the faction vendors
  • Reduced all the elemental motes costs to craft an Orb
  • Reduced all the corrupted costs to craft an Orb

Outpush Rush
  • Brutes cost was decreased by 250 azoth
  • Summoning Stones now have a rarity assigned to them 
  • Summoning Stones are now dropped upon death and can be seen on bags due to their rarity
  • Alpha Wolf no longer summons wolfs
  • Gatherables no longer have a weight
  • Baroness Hain's Ice Mines will now lsow the player by 30% for 3 seconds
  • Two additional gates from spawn
  • Increased the CD for the Brute's Spicy Meat Ball attack
  • Spicy Meat Ball attacks are less likely to happen when you are inside the fort

Housing Taxes
Territory Mayors may want to change the max taxes they have in place after this update!
  • Revert the housing taxes that was put in place last year
  • Lowered the higher and lower ends of housing taxes
  • Halved the default housing tax from 10% to 5%

Aptitude Rewards
There have been some nerfs towards the Azoth Vials you earn from Aptitude chests since they were producing way more than the developers had intended. Below is the breakdown: 
  • Removed Azoth Vials from T1 Aptitude gathering chests.
  • Reduced Azoth Vials from T2 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-2 down from 2-3.
  • Reduced Azoth Vials from T3 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-3 down from 3-5.
  • Reduced Azoth Vials from T1 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 0-1 down from 2-3.
  • Reduced Azoth Vials from T2 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 1-2 down from 2-3.
  • Reduced Azoth Vials from T3 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 2-3 down from 3-5.

Other Notable Changes
  • All expeditions now have now have a sprit shrine near them
  • Reduced the cost of fast traveling costs; Faction Control Points reduce the travel distance factor to 0 (Weight is still a factor)
  • Siren's Stand Elite Chests were moved a bit close to the named enemy
  • Mangled Heights Elite Chests were also moved a bit
  • Yetis were converted from Elite Bosses to Elites
  • Increased POI's respawn rates for level 35+ enemies
  • Decreased some load times
  • New Mutator Perks for players; 
  • Flame/Frost/Arboreal/Abyssal Attunement - Attacks deal additional 15% weapon damage as elemental damage type.
  • Flame/Forst/Arboreal/Abyssal Conditioning - After being hit with the elemental damage type, gain 4% absorption for 5 seconds. Increased potency for each item with the perk
  • PvP Damage formula changed; lower level characters do more damage to higher while higher level will do less damage to lower levels
  • A wide verity of weapon fixes 
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players under level 60 to earn gypsum
  • Certain monsters will now drop trophy materials that were bugged from dropping them
  • GS 600 Arcana Winter Patterns updated so you can craft them to be GS 600
  • (New Item) Bag of Juniper Berries: Can obtain 3 times a day and provides the player with Juniper Berries and a random amount of gold (50-150)
  • Rothoard Alligators drop less rawhides than before
  • Can socket accessories
  • Increased XP Rates for levels 23 - 45 by 20%
  • Bound items will now only take damage on death; unbound items will remain undamaged
  • Fixed Faction Rank Swapping; players will retain the rank for each faction making where they can return to a faction and keep the rank they last had
  • Gold can no only be send to players in the trade window (Sending Gold no longer works, unless its to your Company's Treasury) 
  • New Loading Screen Tooltips
  • Changes to help reduce the pesky gold sellers from appearing as often as they do
  • Fixed group chat after entering/exiting a house
  • Corrupted Breaches are appearing on player's maps again
  • Some performance changes to the Trading Post
  • Fixed an issue where the map was reporting an Invasion over a War 

For a more in-depth view about the Mutations and Umbral Shards check out our guides on the topic! Along with this patch we will be updating all our guides to reflect the current state of the game. The top of our guides will let you know that they've been check and updated with the most recent information for New World.
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