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New World Patch 1.3.4

Hello Adventurers!
Amazon Games is ready to deploy the next New World Update, patch 1.3.4, starting at 11PM PST (7AM UTC) on March 8th, 2022. The servers will be offline for about 2 hours while they apply the patch. There are a few bug fixes with this update, but most of it includes the promises from the previous patch 1.3.3. You can check out the full patch notes on Amazon Game's website as well. 

  • Sword's Leaping Strike will no longer be interrupted by light attacks
  • Void Gauntlet Refreshing Harvest was reducing cooldowns from any damage and is now correctly working with damage from Harvest Essence
  • Logging Experience reworked to focus on the first 100 levels
  • Crafting stations corrections for German and French clients
  • Fixed issue where War would not occur when the defending company had no members
  • Fixed issue where War Cost wasn't refunded if the server went into maintance mode during the Siege Window
  • Fixed the glyph puzzle at the start of The Lazarus Instrumentality that was preventing players from advancing
  • Corrected the Tuning Orb values as outlined in Patch 1.3.3 (1 day and 3 day purchases)
    • Unforchantly this only applies to new purchases meaning you will still need to wait the current cooldown you have
  • Input buffering is cleared when a crowd control effects ends (Meaning things you press before will not activate when coming out of CC)
  • Fixed an input buffering issue with weapon swapping that would use the ability of the newly swapped weapon
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