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New World Patch 1.3.3

Greetings Adventurers,
Amazon Games provided the full patch notes for patch 1.3.3 of New World, which is slated to be updated on the 28th of February at 5AM PST(1PM UTC). The servers are planned to be down for ~2 hours to apply this patch. There are over 1000 bug fixes that are coming with this patch; so if you want the complete break down head over to the full patch notes. If you've been keeping up with the PTR patch notes, you are basically up to date with the latest information! For the important snippets, take a look below.

Notable Changes

  • You can no longer kill Taxodius multiple times in a single instance
  • Fixed some out of bounds glitches
  • Fixed the ability to join an expedition in progress by going to any expedition entrance (Must go to the proper entrance now)

Open World
  • Can no longer stack camps
  • Toned down the Ancient's AI for solo play at Syleio Seko in Reekwater
  • Toned down the tendrils in Sha Makogai and Sunken Aspect POIs for solo play 
  • Toned down the number of monsters in Sunken Aspect for solo play
  • Fixed a lot of the floating assets and collision in the open world

General AI
  • New Player-vs-AI physics collision system to reduce pushback from colliding players
    • New physics is only applied to applies to bipedal and simple shaped creatures
    • New physics will be applied to others in the future
  • Reduced knockback when attacks are 0
  • Fixed a verity of enemy abilities

Expedition AI Changes
Garden of Genesis
  • Blighted Greenskeeper has an increased headshot size
  • Genesis Shaman's VFX (Visuals) are more in sync with the damage
  • Angry Earth Naga improved visibility on attack VFX (Visuals)

Lazarus Instrumentality Chardis Changes:
  • Stun Phase is now 5 seconds
  • Phase 3 will start after 90 seconds rather than the 75s it once was
  • Reduced the downtime of lasers in Phases 1/2 from 60s to 30s
  • Increased damage in all aspects of attacks
  • Final Laser has changed to do 15% of health damage per second
  • Has a bigger head for hitbox purposes
  • Is now weak/strong against attack types and can be affected by weapon coatings 

  • Reduced Desiccated timer from 60s to 45s
  • Normalized the curse damage so they are always a threat by making them % health damage

Combat General
  • Weapon Swapping
    • Can now swap during hit-reactions, dodges, traversal, and using consumables (except weapon coatings). Doing so will apply a 1 second CD between swapping your weapons again
    • Swapping buffer will no longer be canceled if you are staggered before the swap
    • Weapon Swaps and Attacks can be queued simultaneously
  • Blocking & Dodging
    • Shorter recovery time after a dodge
    • Basic attack startups can now be canceled with block or dodge
    • Block and dodge inputs will take priority over weapon combos while attacking
  • Jumping at lower heights will no longer trigger the full landing animation
  • 300 Focus Bonus will now trigger when the caster drops to 15 mana or less
  • Equipment loads will now show how much stamina is used while dodging

Wars & Invasion
  • Void Destroyer can now die under the proper conditions
  • Cleansing Elixir is now working as expected
  • Can view the score board while waiting to respawn

Outpost Rush
  • Fixed a quite a few bugs with Outpost Rush
Scoring was reworked; going to paste word-for-word as Amazon has it so there is no confusion with this.
OPR Scoring
  • Dealing damage now increases the player’s score.
  • Reduced the amount of points granted from killing players.
  • Reduced the amount of points granted from killing AI.
  • Visually changed the nameplates of several Outpost Rush AI to better clarify their difficulty. The changes in nameplate do not mean there were tuning changes to those AI unless called out below.
  • Increased the health of the Corrupted Priest by 10%.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Corrupted Brute by 10%.
  • Reduced the health of the Corrupted Brute by 13%.
  • Summoned Ghosts and Summoned Bears now take 150% bonus damage from Siege Damage.
  • Summoned Corrupted Brutes now take 200% bonus damage from Siege Damage.
  • Increased the base damage of the Repeater by 20%.
  • Increased the base damage of the Fire Dropper by 16%.
  • Increased the benefit of having more friendly players on a control point. Each friendly player on an uncontested point now reduces the time it takes to capture the point by 3s (was previously 1.5s) On an uncontested point, this benefit maxes out at 10 players for a minimum capture time of 30s.
  • Reduced the length of Baroness Hain’s score lock from 3 minutes to 2.5 minutes.
  • Replaced the Explosive Barrel Launchers on either side of Outpost Sol with Ballista Turrets. These cost 50 Infused Ore and 50 Infused Wood to build and will be great tools in taking down the defenses of Outpost Sol.
    • Adjusted the emplacements so they’re more flush with the ground.
  • Adjusted Rewards granted from Outpost Rush
    • Outpost Rush now rewards Umbral Shards on completion of a match. 100 shards for the winning team, and 50 shards to the losing team. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward.
    • Outpost Rush now rewards Faction Tokens on completion of a match. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward.
    • Outpost Rush Caches now reward 2 pieces of Outpost Rush specific armor and an Outpost Rush specific weapon. There is an additional 15% for a 4th item, a piece of Outpost Rush Jewelry.
      • There’s a 2.5% chance that the rolled Outpost Rush item is a named item, the same chance as exists today.
    • Significantly increased the likelihood that the rewards in the Outpost Rush Cache will increase the player’s Expertise.
    • Outpost Rush gear now rolls off a fixed list of perks that are more ideal for PvP combat. This means that traits like Beast Ward won’t be found on Outpost Rush gear.
    • Removed Beast Ward from Illusory Enigma and replaced it with Keen. Please note that this change isn’t retroactive and it will only apply to new Illusory Engima’s granted after the patch.
  • Players can now access the Scoreboard while waiting for a respawn.

  • 3rd Fishing Quest, "Baited", baits are more easily obtained and must be salvaged
  • War Camp Loot PvP quest resets on Fast Travel
  • Ebonscale Alligators quest can be completed without restarting it
  • Added Map Markers to more quests

Leveling /  Economy / Progression
  • Following Trade Skills take 10% less experience to level overall; Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing
  • Fixed Bartholomew's loot table 
  • Wooden Sidet Desk and Rickety Twig Table can now be looted like it should of been
  • Major Corruption Breaches have a higher chance to grant an expertise increase
  • Trade Skill recipe rarities have been normalized (Epic patterns will craft epic items)
  • Added some Anti-Bot fishing technology into the game
  • Yellow Topaz no longer has a minimum drop time
  • Black Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 10m to 5m
  • Purple Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 120s to 30s
  • Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes
  • Gypsum Orb added to Faction Vendor for 7k faction tokens and can be bought once per day
  • Trade Channel added
  • Updated housing tax minimum band lowered from 5% to 0.1%
  • Updated housing tax maximum band lowered from 10% to 1%
  • Fast Travel from Towns and Shrines will now have a base cost of 20 Azoth
  • Fast Travel will no longer adjustments cost for distance or weight
  • Default recall time to the Inn has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes
  • Reduced cost of resetting Fast Travel cooldown on houses from 50 Azoth to 20 Azoth

There are a lot of weapon changes and fixes this patch, so we will be just listing the abilities that have been affected with this patch. Its strongly recommended that you to look over the patch notes to see exactly what has changed, but do remember none of this is final and may change again before going to live servers.
  • Rain of Arrows: Various bug fixes
  • Evade Shot: Various bug fixes
  • Hip-firing and sight shooting normalized
Fire Staff
  • Fireball: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Reheat: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Pillar of Fire: Ability changes
  • Flamethrower: Bug fixes and ability changes
  • Let it Burn: Bug fixes
  • Fixed visual issues with the weapon
Great Axe
  • Ability Points will be refunded due to moving location of passives in the trees
  • Gravity Well: Ability changes
  • Maelstrom: Bug Fixes
  • Enduring Strike: Ability changes
  • Accumulated Power and On Fire bug fixes
Ice Gauntlet
  • Ice Spikes: Nerfed
  • Ice Storm: Bug Fix
  • Ice Shower: Bug Fixes
  • Ice Pylon: Buffed
Life Staff
  • Speed of Light: Bug Fixes and ability change
  • Sticky Bomb: Bug fixes and nerf
  • Shooter's Stance: Bug fixes
  • Stopping Power: Completely changed
  • Powder Burn & Power Shot: Bug fixes and interaction change
  • Hustle: Bug fix
  • Flurry: Text change
  • Evade: Bug fix
  • Sweep: Bug fix
  • Javelin: Bug fix
Sword and Shield
  • Shield Rush: Slight ability change
  • Reverse Stab: Slight ability change
  • Leaping Strike: Slight ability change
Void Gauntlet
  • Mending Evasion: Bug fix
War Hammer
  • Armor Breaker: Bug fix
  • Hardened Steel: Slight ability change

And so much more! We tried to cover all the major points that we felt worth mentioning; but there is just soooo much in this patch it is insane. 
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