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Patch 1.3.2

Servers will be coming offline at 11pm PST to apply patch 1.3.2 to New World. Its a small patch with some bug fixes, but bug fixes nevertheless! The official patch notes can be seen on their website. For a shorten condensed version look below!

Endgame Changes
  • Corrected text requirements for higher level mutation unlocks (The Gold Rank over the listed Silver Rank M6-M10)
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading equipment wouldn't work when Umbral Shards were stored in the Storage Shed

General Updates
  • Absolute Terror second perk has be replaced to be the Refreshing perk 
  • Fixed a PvP movement speed glitch
  • Fixed an issue where the same person could be listed multiple times for an invasion/war
  • Hatchet - Fixed On Fire passive to work correctly (Was a damage boosting glitch and a crit glitch)
  • Hatchet - Fixed Accumulating to properly work when there are DoTs on target

Hope everyone has been enjoying their adventures in Aeternum! Look forward to seeing you all in Patch 1.3.2. 

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