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Patch 1.3.1 for New World

New World applied their 1.3.1 patch February 2nd at 11pm PST, February 3rd (7am UTC) in which they fixed a number of bugs and changed how some things worked to prevent gold making abuse. The most important thing to take away from these notes is that server transfer may start coming back! Take a look at the info below.

Patch Notes
  • Corrected a bug that would cause items to disappear when rapidly dropping and picking up items
  • Added a progression layer to Juniper Berries so that lower levels will get less gold than higher levels (See below)
  • Level 1-9 - 1-5 coins
  • Level 10-19 - 5-15 coins
  • Level 20-29 - 10-30 coins
  • Level 30-39 - 20-50 coins
  • Level 40-49 - 30-75 coins
  • Level 50-59 - 40-150 coins
  • Level 60 - 50-200 coins
  • Housing data storage system was overhauled to prevent issues with players losing their houses and housing items (This is what may cause server transfers to come back!)
  • Fixed fast traveling issues
  • Fixed Mutation rotations from not actually rotating when they should
  • Possible fix with the UI whereas the player selects something else than what they had indented; which caused salvaging of incorrect items

Weapon Changes
Void Gauntlet's Mending Evasion fixed from just resetting your lowest active cooldown
Rapier's movement speed buff will no longer stay longer than intended when using Evade
Ice Gauntlet's Punishing Storm was increasing all player's damage; it now works as intended by increasing the storm's damage

For the full patch notes you can find them on Amazon Game's website

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