The One Ring to Luck Them All

Last Updated: September 27th 2021 from the Open Beta

With the New World launch just around the corner I wanted to share something to prevent a future mistake from happening. If you are planning to make a luck gear set this applies to you.

There exists a ring called a Weaver’s Knot that comes from the quest Refire the Forges that will give you a double luck perk. Double perks on an item only happen from quests as AGS forces the perks onto the item. Crafting double the same perks is not an option. 

Weaver’s Knot will be your BiS ring for luck at a 3.8% increase. A gear score 600 Pristine Pearl Ring with the luck perk will give you 3.3% luck and will be a pain to craft since it will require all high end crafting materials along with the 600 gear score roll. 

Refire the Forges is a level 37 quest that starts in Weaver’s Fen. The quest sends you far southwards to gather a few items from some interactables and then run back to the settlement for turn-in. A simple straight forward quest with just a bit of travel within Weaver’s Fen. 
About the Author:
A PvE crafter and gatherer enthusiast.
- Mala Zedik

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