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New World Weapon Perks and Mods

Every Weapon Ability in New World has a corresponding Perk that can be found on armor and weapons. Most of the perks scale in power with the Gear Score of the item they are on. It’s important to note that you can only benefit from one instance of a weapon ability perk at a time. You can obtain the weapon perks randomly from drops or you can craft gear with the specific perk on it. You can enhance your chance of obtaining a specific perk by utilizing timeless shards. Below is a list of all the New World Weapon Perks and Mods.

It’s worth pointing out that while crafting gear with skill perks players often times opt to craft armor with the weapon-specific perk on it in order to take advantage of other perks on the weapons that cannot be crafted on armor. However, having the perk on your weapon will scale better and more powerful as noted in the below chart.


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Enfeebling Poison ShotPoison Shot’s arrow also applies Weaken, reducing target’s damage by X% for 6 seconds14%25%Steel Bow Charm
Energizing Evade ShotGain “X” Stamina and reduced cooldown by X% after hitting a target with Evade Shot19, 14%34, 25%Starmetal Bow Charm
Lasting Rain of ArrowsSlow and bleed last longer20%30%Orichalcum Bow Charm
Penetrating Rapid ShotIncrease armor penetration all Rapid Shot attacks19%33%Reinforced Steel Bow Charm
Refreshing Penetrating ShotPenetrating Shot kills reduce this ability’s cooldown14%25%Reinforced Starmetal Bow Charm
Empowering Explosive ArrowExplosive Arrow hits grant Empower, increasing damage by X% for 10 seconds or until the next attack19%34%Reinforced Orichalcum Bow Charm


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Exhaustive Net ShotNet Shot inflicts exhaust, reducing target’s stamina regeneration by X% for 8s34%57%Steel Blunderbuss Charm
Leeching Shrapnel BlastHeal for a percentage of the damage dealt from Azoth Shrapnel Blast15%24%Starmetal Blunderbuss Charm
Venturing Claw ShotWhen Claw Shot connects to a target at least 10m away, gain X% Empower for 3s or until next hit19% 33% Orichalcum Blunderbuss Charm
Plagued Splitting GrenadeSplitting Grenade hits inflict disease, reducing healing efficiency on target by X% for 8s15% 24%Reinforced Steel Blunderbuss Charm
Resupplying Mortar ChargeMortar Charge kills reload 1 additional canister and grant X% Empower for 5 seconds. (Limited to 1 reload per shot. Will not trigger past 3 canisters or after final shot.)8.7%14%Reinforced Starmetal Blunderbuss Charm
Crippling Blast ShotTargets hit by Blast Shot are slowed by X%, reducing movement speed for 5s19%33%Reinforced Orichalcum Blunderbuss Charm

Fire Staff

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Accelerating FlamethrowerApplying 3 stacks of burn damage on a target with Flamethrower grants Haste, increasing movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds. Burn from flamethrower lasts X% longer15%19%Reinforced Starmetal Fire Staff Charm
Stable IncinerateIncinerate gains grit, and deals additional damage12%20%Reinforced Steel Fire Staff Charm
Efficient BurnoutAfter activating Burnout, your mana regen rate is increased by X% for 8 seconds. Additionally, your next hit deals X% increased fire damage77% 19%132% 33%Reinforced Orichalcum Fire Staff Charm
Refreshing Pillar of FireReduce this ability’s cooldown per enemy hit with Pillar of Fire. (2 hits max.)17%30%Steel Fire Staff Charm
Empowering Meteor ShowerWhen Meteor Shower hits gain X% Empower for 10s (Max 10 stacks)2%2.9%Starmetal Fire Staff Charm
Empowering FireballFireball impact deals additional damage32%58%Orichalcum Fire Staff Charm

Great Axe

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Refreshing ChargeHitting a target with Unpredictable Strike reduces the cooldown by X% (1 hits max)30%54%Steel Great Axe Charm
Crippling ReapIf target hit with Reap is below 50% health, they are Slowed by X%, reducing movement speed for 4 seconds31%50%Starmetal Great Axe Charm
Mending ExecuteGain a percentage of the damage dealt back as health with Execute (Limit 1 trigger per ability)30%49%Orichalcum Great Axe Charm
Fortifying WhirlwindWhirlwind hits grant Fortify on self, increasing damage absorption by X% and slashing damage by 3% for 2 seconds (5 stacks max)6.6%10%Reinforced Steel Great Axe Charm
Enfeebling MaelstromTargets hit by Maelstrom’s No Reprieve are Weakened, reducing their attack damage by X% for 8 seconds14%25%Reinforced Starmetal Great Axe Charm
Insatiable Gravity WellGain a X% of your damage with Gravity Well back as health, and cast another 4m radius burst around you on successful hit that deals 100% weapon damage34%52%Reinforced Orichalcum Great Axe Charm

Great Sword

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Relentless FreedomActivating Relentless Rush removes roots and slows. Also increases critical hit chance by X%12%19%Starmetal Greatsword Charm
Leeching CrosscutThe final strike of Crosscut heals you for X% of the damage dealt. (Limit 1 trigger per ability use.)49%72%Steel Greatsword Charm
Skyward NullificationHitting a foe with Skyward Slash removes one of their buffs. Remaining buffs have their duration reduced by X%. (Only affects non-consumable buffs.)20%29%Orichalcum Greatsword Charm
Energizing CounterWhen Calamity Counter is activated, immediately gain X stamina2029Reinforced Steel Greatsword Charm
Steadfast PurificationEach attack of Steadfast Strike reduces debuff durations on you by X%. (Max 1 reduction per attack.)14%20%Reinforced Orichalcum Greatsword Charm
Slowing RuptureFoes struck with Roaring Rupture are slowed by X% for 5s.23%34%Reinforced Starmetal Greatsword Charm


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Crippling Feral RushWhen you successfully hit with Feral Rush cause a X% slow for 3s20%29%Steel Hatchet Charm
Keen BerserkIncrease Crit Chance by X% while under 50% HP while Berserking14%27%Starmetal Hatchet Charm
Refreshing TorrentEvery hit of Raging Torrent reduces all Hatchet cooldowns by X%4.8%8.5%Orichalcum Hatchet Charm
Empowering Rending ThrowRanged Hatchet attacks deal X% more damage vs Rending Throw targets21%31%Reinforced Steel Hatchet Charm
Refreshing Distancing ThrowSocial Distancing attacks within 6m reduce the cooldown by X%30%49%Reinforced Starmetal Hatchet Charm
Exhausting Infected ThrowDirect hits with Infected throw causes Exhaustion reducing targets stamina regeneration by X% for 10 seconds20%30%Reinforced Orichalcum Hatchet Charm

Ice Gauntlet

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Pylon BurstIce Pylon deals X% more damage and a burst of damage to foes within a 3m radius every 2 seconds5.9%10%Reinforced Orichalcum Ice Gauntlet Charm
Deadly FrostWhen the Frigid Showers upgrade is active, Ice Shower’s frostbite debuff will deal 8% weapon damage per second to affected enemies. Ice Shower cooldown reduced by X%9.8%14%Reinforced Starmetal Ice Gauntlet Charm
Healing TombHeal for a percentage of your base Health after Entomb ends18%30%Reinforced Steel Ice Gauntlet Charm
Iced RefreshA killing blow with Ice Spike’s Mighty Spike or Spiky Reach will reduce all Ice cooldowns by a percentage43%75%Orichalcum Ice Gauntlet Charm
Unending ThawIce Storm deals X% more damage. Frost effects remains on enemies for 2 seconds after exiting Ice Storm5.8%10%Starmetal Ice Gauntlet Charm
Unbroken WindsWind Chill has grit and deals X% more damage. Gain 10% Mana after a full Wind Chill burst25%40%Steel Ice Gauntlet Charm

Life Staff

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Accelerating Light’s EmbraceAllies below full health gain Haste when hit with Light’s Embrace, increasing movement speed by X% 5 seconds18%30%Reinforced Starmetal Life Staff Charm
Mending ProtectionIncrease healing power by X% for 3 seconds if Orb of Protection heals an ally with less than 50% health.24%42%Reinforced Steel Life Staff Charm
Viscous BeaconWhen Beacon heals a player they gain +X% critical chance for 6 seconds.6.1%10%Reinforced Orichalcum Life Staff Charm
Refreshing Divine EmbraceUsing Divine Embrace on a target below 50% health reduces the cooldown by X% and gain 1% of your max mana.41%69%Steel Life Staff Charm
Fortifying Sacred GroundAllies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing damage absorption by X% for 5 seconds.9.7%16%Starmetal Life Staff Charm
Purity of LightAllies with a debuff removed with Splash of Light are healed for X% your weapon damage.48%85%Orichalcum Life Staff Charm


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Crippling Powder BurnTargets hit with Powder Burn are slowed by X% for 5 seconds24%42%Steel Musket Charm
Refreshing Power ShotPower Shot kills reduce this ability’s cooldown by X%54%98%Starmetal Musket Charm
Empowering Shooter’s StanceHitting a target while in Shooter’s Stance grants a stack of Empower, increasing damage by X% for 6 seconds. Effect is removed when stance is exited. (Max 4 stacks)9.7%15%Orichalcum Musket Charm
Repulsing Stopping PowerStopping Power knockback distance is increased by X%97%151%Reinforced Steel Musket Charm
Accelerating TrapsIncrease movement speed by X% for 5 seconds after deploying a trap. (Does not stack.)19%33%Reinforced Starmetal Musket Charm
Mending Sticky BombsEvery hit of Sticky Bomb heals you for X% of damage done21%31%Reinforced Orichalcum Musket Charm


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Keen TondoIncrease Crit Chance by X% against targets affected by Tondo’s Bleed12%21%Steel Rapier Charm
Deadly FlourishFlourish deals X% more damage vs targets below 50%25%39%Starmetal Rapier Charm
Leeching FlurryEach hit of Flurry restores returns X% of the damage as health29%47%Orichalcum Rapier Charm
Sundering RiposteRiposte inflicts Rend, reducing damage absorption of target by X% for 10 seconds15%24%Reinforced Steel Rapier Charm
Omnidirectional EvadeGain X% damage for 2s after using Evade. Adagio upgrade is applied when evading in any direction10%19%Reinforced Starmetal Rapier Charm
Refreshing FlecheHitting a target via a Crit Backstab with Fleche reduces this ability’s cooldown by X%19%33%Reinforced Orichalcum Rapier Charm

Sword and Shield

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Diminishing Shield BashFoes hit by Shield Bash have their non-consumable buff durations reduced by X%30%45%Steel Shield Charm
Fortifying Shield RushAfter hitting a target with Shield Rush, gain Fortify, increasing damage absorption on self by X% for 6 seconds.19%33%Starmetal Shield Charm
Accelerated ResolveMovement Speed Increased by X% and incoming healing by 2% for 6 seconds after triggering Defiant Stance19%33%Orichalcum Shield Charm
Contagious Reverse StabReverse Stab transfers an active debuff from self to target hit. Reverse Stab deals X% more damage10%15%Steel Sword Charm
Empowering Whirling BladeBase damage is increased by X% while performing a Whirling Blade attack if 3 or more enemies are within the radius of the attack30%49%Starmetal Sword Charm
Empowering Leaping StrikeSword attacks deal X% additional damage to targets slowed by Leaping Strike’s Cowardly Punishment upgrade17%31%Orichalcum Sword Charm


Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Bleeding SweepSweep’s Coup De Grace now applies Bleed for X% of weapon damage for 8 seconds9.6%17%Steel Spear Charm
Sundering JavelinJavelin inflicts Rend, reducing target’s damage absorption by X% for 10 seconds19%25%Starmetal Spear Charm
Leeching CycloneEvery hit of Cyclone heals you for X% of weapon damage32%53%Orichalcum Spear Charm
Fortifying PerforateGain a stack of Fortify, increasing damage absorption by X% for 6 seconds per successful Perforate hit9.6%17%Reinforced Steel Spear Charm
Enfeebling SkewerSkewer hits apply Weaken, reducing target’s damage by X% for 8 seconds24%44%Reinforced Starmetal Spear Charm
Keen Vault KickVault Kick increases random Crit Chance by X% for 5 seconds.19%36%Reinforced Orichalcum Spear Charm

Void Gauntlet

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Voracious BladeWhile below 50% health, successful Void Blade hits heal self for X% of the damage done31%51%Steel Void Gauntlet Charm
Nullifying OblivionOn activation, Oblivion removes limited duration buffs from enemies within its radius. Obilivion recharges X% faster9.8%14%Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Putrefying ScreamOn successful hit, Petrifying Scream inflicts Disease, reducing the target’s healing by X% for 8s29%40%Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm
Diminishing OrbOn hit, Orb of Decay reduces the duration of the target’s non-consumable buffs by X%52%70%Steel Void Gauntlet Charm
Slowing TetherOn successful hit, Baleful Tether inflicts Slow, reducing the target’s move speed by X% for 3s31%41%Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Refreshing RuptureWhen you hit a target with Essence Rupture, Essence Rupture recharges X% faster31%49%Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm

War Hammer

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Repulsing Clear OutClear Out now knocks targets back an additional X%146%209%Reinforced Starmetal War Hammer Charm
Sundering ShockwaveShockwave inflicts Rend, reducing target’s damage absorption by X% for 10 seconds9.8%14%Reinforced Steel War Hammer Charm
Leeching Path of DestinyHeal for X% of the damage dealt from Path Of Destiny29%47%Reinforced Orichalcum War Hammer Charm
Empowering Armor BreakerIf Armor Breaker breaks a block, the next attack within 5 seconds deals X% additional damage29%50%Steel War Hammer Charm
Refreshing Mighty GavelMighty Gavel hits reduce the ability’s cooldown by X%. (Max 2 activations per impact.)9.8%14%Starmetal War Hammer Charm
Penetrating Wrecking BallWrecking Ball penetrates X% of the target’s armor19%33%Orichalcum War Hammer Charm

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