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New World Questing Update

New World continues to release information on updates to the current questing system.   Recently, they announced voice over work is being done for all quests and a main quest line that will lead players all the way up to level 60.  New World's goal is for players to "always have an active objective to complete."   The Main Quest line is set to take players to "distinct areas and points of interest across the land" (of Aeternum) as well as "add Climactic moments to unique quests anchored in lore".

Along with these updates, New World gave four pillars in which they are building the questing system on:  give players identity and purpose, immerse players in Aeternum, provide consistent activities for players,  and highlight special moments and celebrate progression.  For more on the vision and changes to New World's Questing system check out the article from the official page here - Updates on Quest Design - News | New World

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