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New World on Steam, Beta Date Announced

Update April 9: This article has been getting a lot of traffic from search engines recently, so please be aware that this is an old article from December 2019 when the release date and details about beta were first revealed. As of today, the beta and release have both been delayed. More details here. We do not know the exact start date of the New World closed beta, but as soon as it is officially announced, you will find it on our frontpage! Also follow us on Twitter or join Discord for instant news updates!

Original Article

New World Pre-Orders just went live on Steam after the countdown ended, and the store page reveals quite a few new details.

Most importantly, we now know that a Closed Beta is starting in April 2020, with release later in 2020!

The game comes in two digital editions. Pre-ordering either one of them will give you the following bonuses:

Closed Beta access
Secure access to the Closed Beta in April 2020.
Isabella’s amulet
Equip Isabella’s amulet to gain additional constitution to weather attacks, and deal additional damage against certain types of supernatural enemies.
Unique title
Proudly display your “Expedition One” title as part of the initial wave of explorers to hit Aeternum’s shores.
Greet your fellow adventurers with the Fist Bump emote.
Guild crest set
Three unique guild crests featuring axes, muskets, and armor.

If you go for the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will also get the following:

Woodsman armor skin
Stand out from the crowd or blend in with the forest with the Woodsman armor skin.
Woodsman boarding axe skin
Complete the Woodsman look with this skin for the versatile boarding axe.
Mastiff house pet
Make your house a home with the Mastiff house pet. Access to housing unlocks at level 20 in-game.
Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set
Rock, Paper, Scissors, a light-hearted game with friends or a tool for making difficult decisions.
New World digital art book
A collection of incredible concept art from the making of New World.

This also pretty much confirms personal housing to be in the game.

You can also compare the two versions on the official website, which just added a section for the pre-orders.

Tune in for the Twitch Video Game Awards tonight at 5:30 PM PT for more New World announcements!
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