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Server Merges Have Started

The initial rush of players from the launch of New World has died down since launch and has left many servers in a suboptimal state. Due to that, server merges have been a discussion over the past several weeks, and it looks like they are finally here. It was recently announced that the first round of server merges will be happening on December 8th at 9:00am CST. 

New World stated that it has become apparent that the experience on some of the servers have changed and is not optimal. Therefore, they are finding a suitable counterpart for worlds that need to be merged. In order to determine the servers that will be merged Amazon has stated that they take into consideration population size and the overall engagement of the server. Once they have identified a server that needs to be merged they then compare it to the existing worlds in the applicable world set to find the most optimal partner for that server. This is done by comparing elements such as faction, gameplay style, and language. 

When the merge happens the players on the world being merged into will not see any difference other than an influx of new players. However, the server that is being merged will keep all their belongings, houses, etc, but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new server. However, if a company that is being merged loses territory due to the merge they will be compensated for the territory that they owned. 

It was also stated they New World is going to try to schedule mergers on Wednesdays to prevent any overlapping issues with any potential updates or patches that may be in the pipeline. 

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