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New World Launch Server Updates

Amazon Games has recently announced that character creation on the highest population servers have been halted temporarily. This prevents players from creating new characters on those servers in order to halt the growing feeling of necessity to queue for an unreasonable length of time to play.

Here is the full announcement:

As is stated the 'full' status is temporary and changes hour by hour based on the severity of the queue to get into it.

And for context, just days before the launch of New World, Amazon Games released it initial offering of servers to the public. With 176 separate places for players to call home players expectations were good for server capacity.  Amazon Games had indicated that server capacity would increase further when New World finally launches.  Whilst there's no official word on any player cap number for servers from Amazon Games. Its been speculated that its likely to be around 2000 with many flocking to what seems like a pseudo-official looking server status site that has a variety of metrics on server status, queue times, player numbers and breakdown of metrics on New World servers. 

Recently there has been efforts from Amazon Games to help alleviate the issues of queue times for the servers. More than doubling server capacity, it hasn't been without its fair share of hiccups but from New Worlds initial offering of 176 worlds we are now up to 552 and climbing.

Amazon Games has asked the community to consider spreading out to other servers in order to alleviate the aggravation of significantly lengthy queue times, even to the point of offering players a free server transfer to their desired server to happen within the next 2 weeks.  What has been of note recently is a variety of queue types when connecting to a New World server, There does appear to be a new player queue, as well as a returning player queue.  With this latest measure of crowd control Amazon hopes to get queue sizes under control and improve the overall experience of getting into and playing New World, we'll see how the Situation develops! be sure to check back for further developments! 
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