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New World's March Patch Notes

New World just released March's patch notes for the alpha client and they are FULL of new and exciting changes.  These changes include the addition of Ebonscale Reach as a playable zone, the first pass of the new 20 v 20 PVP activity Outpost Rush, and a complete rework the Weapon Skill Trees.  As promised, they also added more Main story line quests and added voice acting to the main story questline. 

New World also made big changes to the way armor and equip load work.  Heavy armor now has the most mitigation of both damage types with light armor being the least in both.  With these changes, they also added damage bonuses to light (20% increased damage) and medium (10%) equip loads to help diversify the benefits of each of the three weights. 

Included with the rework of all of the Weapon Skill Trees, New World also made changes to the way weapons scale off attribute distribution.  Weapons are now split between single and dual-attribute weapons.  Single attribute weapons scale at 1x to their primary attribute where dual-attribute weapons scale at 0.9x their primary attribute and at 0.65x their secondary stat.  Here is a list of the new changes:

Single attribute weapons
  • Warhammer: Strength
  • Great Axe: Strength
  • Bow: Dexterity
  • Fire Staff: Intelligence
  • Life Staff: Focus
Dual attribute weapons (primary/secondary}
  • Sword: Strength/Dexterity
  • Rapier: Dexterity/Intelligence
  • Hatchet: Strength/Dexterity
  • Spear: Strength/Dexterity
  • Rifle: Dexterity/Intelligence
For the complete list of patch notes, check out the official New World site - The Empress of Ebonscale Reach | New World | New World
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