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New World Release Date Revealed!

Today, New World officially announced its new release date - August 31st 2021!  Along with the confirmed release date, New World states that they will continue to test in Alpha and expand the test to new EU servers on March 30th 2021.  They also confirmed the next closed Beta Test date, July 20th 2021 stating that "if you pre-ordered New World, you'll have access to the Closed Beta Test."  The team continued to confirm they are hard at work on "compelling end game features we believe are important to include at launch."  They go on to state that they did not feel that these would be ready by the original May 2021 timeframe they had initially announced, which is why they delayed the official date til August. 

Speaking of compelling features, New World released new features that will be added to the game before launch including a new zone, EBONSCALE REACH, a new PVE feature called Expeditions, and an all New PVP game mode, Outpost Rush. 

Expeditions are a five player instanced adventure that will allow you to explore more of the lore of Aeternum and will "challenge your group, requiring skill and coordination to achieve victory."

Outpost Rush is a 20 v 20 battle set in a river basin filled with Ancient technologies.  It is a zone control based game mode that forces players to control strongholds and resources to win!

For more on todays info drop, check out the official New World post here! New World Development Update - News | New World

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