New World PvP Mechanics

Open World PvP Overview

  • PvP is still a large focus of New World, however, measures have been taken in order to prevent player griefing.
  • New World PvP is now Opt-In based, which means you have to Opt into PvP in order to be flagged for PvP in the open world. You can Opt into PvP as early as level 10. You will only be able to attack other players who are flagged for PvP as well.
  • Because of #2 above the criminal system is no longer in the game. The New World Team felt like there was no need for a criminal system because if you want to PvP you now have to Opt-in, so punishing players for killing other players no longer made sense if both parties are agreeing to fight.
  • You will no longer lose any loot when you die to another player (it is assumed you will not lose any loot when you die period).
  • When you die to another player the only punishment is lost time.
  • The New World team is working on the incentive/reward system to get players to opt into PvP to make it worth while. (Otherwise why would you ever opt in when you could simply farm resources in peace?) One of the things mentioned was possibly a boost in XP gain.

  • Open-World PvP Detail Video

    Siege Battles

  • There will a sign up system in order to be able participate in the siege battles in New World.
  • The battles are limited to 50 players per side. This is supposed to enable a more fair and organized way to PvP.
  • Both sides must agree upon a time for the siege to start so both parties can prepare accordingly and be present for the fight.
  • The sieges are not technically instanced, however, once they begin no one else can enter the battle.
  • The defenders must protect their claim by defending a flag which sits in the center of their fort.
  • The attackers must break through the fort and claim the flag.
  • Sieges are timed as well, so if the timer runs out prior to the attacker claiming the flag then the defending team wins.
  • If you lose the battle you will not lose items in your personal storage / housing.
  • It was mentioned that more details on the Siege warfare system will be detailed in a later update.

  • Other Notable Items

    • It was mentioned that a large portion of the Alpha testers requested more PvE elements to within New World. Therefore, the team has added more points of interest on the map which should make PvE encounters more complex.
    • Loot will be obtained through fighting monsters. As you progress through areas of the game monsters will become more difficult and will have better loot to obtain.
    • There is now much more of a PvE focus on New World that what was initially visioned for the game.
    • You can completely avoid any PvP elements of New World if you so choose.

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