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New World PvP Details

The New World team just released the much-anticipated blog post and a video Q&A with details about PvP. Here is a quick overview of the main changes and additions since the original alpha closed down.

- PvP is still a focus of the game, but only fair, consensual, organized and skill-based fights, not the type of griefing and player-killing that they saw in alpha.
- There won't be PvP-only servers.
- The criminal system is gone.
- PvP is mainly done via faction-flagging or company-warfare and supposed to be "extremely rewarding".
- Wars will take place in a 50-vs-50 "protected battlefield", preventing non-participants from engaging.
- You don't lose items in your personal housing storage if you lose a war.
- Forts and siege warfare will be detailed in a later post, but were described as follows:

During the battle there are two sides, attackers and defenders. Defenders will protect their claim flag which sits in the center of their Fort. The Fort is equipped with storage, crafting stations, and upgradeable wall defenses. The Attackers will earn points during battle to upgrade and build siege weapons and towers. The War ends if the Attackers are able to break through the gates and claim the flag, or if time expires. During the course of the battle both sides can earn points to spend on upgrades and gear.

- Players wanted more PvE, solo content and directed activities. The main focus has been on appeasing those players by adding more points of interest on the map, making PvE encounters more complex and improved PvE loot.
- PvE bosses have been added but dungeons and raids are not currently in the game in the form you would expect from other MMOs.
- The game now leans more towards PvE.
- On the PvP side, the main goal was to avoid high-level players ganking lower levels.
- After reaching level 10 you can join a faction and opt-in to open world PvP, which grants certain rewards such as increased experience gain.
- You can completely avoid PvP if you want.
- You don't lose any loot if you get killed in PvP.

Watch the video Q&A:
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